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KBSI Develops Graphene-based Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
Replacement of Platinum Catalyst
KBSI Develops Graphene-based Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
  • By matthew
  • October 9, 2013, 08:23
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The mass-production of hydrogen will be made possible with the development of a grapheme-based catalyst for hydrogen production that can replace existing platinum catalysts.

The Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) announced on October 8 that a team led by Dr. Lee Jou-hahn from the Division of Materials Science at KBSI developed the world’s first nitrogen-doped monolayer graphene catalyst for hydrogen production in collaboration with a team headed by Professor Nam Ki-tae and Professor Hong Byung-hee at Seoul National University. 

Lee's team proved the chemical makeup of N-doped graphene structure and the protection role of silicon surface. Based on this verification, Nam and Hong's team succeeded in realizing efficiency of photo electrochemistry that can replace platinum catalysts for hydrosilation by applying N-doped grapheme to silicon photocathode.

This study was published online in the September issue of chemical, physical and biotechnological science journal "Energy & Environmental Science."