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SK Holdings C&C Will Develop Global Convergence Logistics Market with Hon Hai Group
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SK Holdings C&C Will Develop Global Convergence Logistics Market with Hon Hai Group
  • By lsh
  • October 12, 2016, 03:30
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SK Holdings C&C announced on Oct. 11 that the company signed a contract to found a joint venture for the global convergence logistics business with JUSDA, a global logistics subsidiary of the Hon Hai Group’s Foxconn. The new joint venture firm will be registered as an affiliate of SK Holdings C&C in October. The company is planning to engage in the logistics BPO business for overseas markets such as China.

Both companies predict that the new company will secure new consignors by mixing JUSDA’s logistics capabilities and SK Holdings C&C’s ICT excellence.

First of all, the new player will concentrate on making a foray into the Chinese logistics market and the e-commerce logistics business between Korea and China. They will also go ahead with the transportation of air cargo between Korea, Shanghai and Hong Kong, customs clearance and warehousing. 

Avril and Chatbot, artificial intelligence services of SK Holdings C&C, will be used for this process. Chatbot will monitor logistics in real time while communicating with logistics employees and analyze and suggest optimal logistical volume by predicting future logistics volume based on artificial intelligence. Consignors will be able to easily check the flow of their cargo by connecting to the SK Holdings C&C system.

On the other hand, the Hon Hai Group, the mother company of Foxconn, manufactures the iPhone for Apple. SK Holdings C&C has been maintaining a partnership with the Hon Hai Group such as building a smart factory in a printer factory in Chungching, China under the management of Foxconn.