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Startups in Korea Forming More and More Partnerships by Sector
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Startups in Korea Forming More and More Partnerships by Sector
  • By kady
  • January 11, 2016, 04:45
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Text Factory’s MUNBS service team, which provides a personal assistant service based on text messaging and the Kakao Talk messenger, recently signed MOUs with online-to-offline (O2O) startups. The idea is to assist in the growth of the O2O market by connecting the startups with the orders from the users of the service.

A variety of service providers joined the MOUs, including those providing home interior, car washing, quick delivery, food delivery and laundry services. For example, Wildfire Korea’s Naldo is an online and mobile quick delivery service managing dispatch riders in a systematic way for a predictable delivery service. Brat Village’s Doctor House is a total home care service, in which home managers check the structures and states of houses with regard to 650 or so assessment items and professional technicians repair the houses at the request of the owners.

Team Yper’s Yper is a premium, door-to-door car wash service and Washon’s Washon service provides a similar form of convenience for customers in need of laundry services. Both companies guarantee thorough quality control along with selected stores and accident compensation systems.

One Moment’s flower delivery service of the same name allows quality bouquets to be ordered online at reasonable costs and delivered within hours. Fly & Company’s Food Fly allows cuisines and food only available at well-known restaurants to be purchased and delivered online.

Auto Avenue, a group of startups in the automobile market, is drawing public attention as well. Its members include Yper, Parking Lots for All for sharing parking lot information, Carffeine Motor Cube for auto repair services, Comeback Home providing chauffeur services and The Owner as a used car sales service. These firms are looking to accelerate market expansion in tandem with one another as each of them has its own limit in doing so.