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Pay Special Attention to IMAX, 4DX Theaters to Enjoy ‘The Martian’
4D Mars
Pay Special Attention to IMAX, 4DX Theaters to Enjoy ‘The Martian’
  • By sara
  • October 19, 2015, 01:00
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A promotional shot from the new movie “The Martian.”
A promotional shot from the new movie “The Martian.”


As the Hollywood blockbuster “The Martian” hits the cinemas in Oct., the most important point for moviegoers is what movie theaters they should go to to enjoy the movie the most. Accordingly, special theaters are being paid attention to in a bid to realistically experience the vast expanse of space and Mars. There are some reasons why moviegoers go to special theaters to watch Hollywood blockbusters.

With learning effects through space movies like “Interstellar” and “Gravity” that bring the fever of IMAX theaters at home, “The Martian” has also created great expectations for IMAX theaters right after its release.

Recent data from the CGV Research Center, a think tank run by the country's largest multiplex cinema chain CJ CGV, showed that men in their 30s visited IMAX theaters the most to watch “The Martian.” According to an analysis of audience gender and age in the first week of its release, 46.5 percent of men went to traditional theaters that played the 2D version, while 53.5 percent of women did so. For audiences watching The Martian at IMAX theaters, however, men showed a higher percentage with 59.3 percent, while women accounted for 40.7 percent.

By age, audiences from 30 to 34 presented the largest portion at 24.1 percent, followed by those aged from 25 to 29 at 23.8 percent, those aged from 35 to 39 at 18.4 percent, and those aged from 20 to 24 at 11.9 percent.

“The Martian” also showed the same pattern with other Hollywood blockbusters in that men in their 20s and 30s generally preferred IMAX screens.

An official from the CGV Research Center said, “With The Martian being favorably reviewed that it depicted the vast universe and Mars realistically and vividly, moviegoers who prefer the IMAX version got excited. The popularity of The Martian in IMAX will also continue for a while.”

While the IMAX movie theater version has excellent visual effects, the 4DX movie allows moviegoers to physically experience the mystique and vastness of the universe, showing high ticket sales. This is because 4DX heightens the theatrical experience through the movement of motion chairs, which enables audiences to experience a gravity-free state, and other various environmental effects, which better simulate the natural environment of the barren planet Mars. 

Equipped with the world’s leading laser projector solution existing at the Starium theater at CGV Yeongdeungpo in Seoul, ticket sales of the movie increased as much as 1.4 percent compared to the previous week. The Starium has the world's largest screen, as certified in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009. With a realistic drama of the main character on the large screen, the theater is attracting moviegoer attention.

In particular, audiences are under the illusion that the Starium itself has become Mars when the main character is left alone in the sand on Mars, sand rolls around the space helmet and a sandstorm hits the space station. In addition, the laser screen displays realistic colors, maximizing synergy with projectors.