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KCC Holds Int'l Conference on Inter-Korean Broadcasting & Communications
Broadcasting in Korea
KCC Holds Int'l Conference on Inter-Korean Broadcasting & Communications
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • October 14, 2015, 04:00
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The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) held 2015 International Conference on Inter-Koran Broadcasting & Communications on the Ritz-Carlton, Seoul on Oct. 13, together with the Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI).

The event was aimed at sharing current issues in broadcasting and communications and revitalizing exchange between South and North Korea. The conference was divided into three sessions. At the first session, Kim Young-ki, a member of the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Committee, Prof. Lee Young-woo from Yanbian University, and Prof. Jang Kyu-soo from Daekyeung Universtiy gave presentations.

The second one was presented by Park Chan-mo, an honorary president of Pyongyang University of Science and Technology; Jiro Ishimaru, the chief editor of AsiaPress; and Kim Jung-yong, who served as the director of the Kaesong Cooperation Hospital, the only hospital in the Kaesong Inter-Korean Industrial Complex. At the last session, after the presentation of Kim Chul-wan, senior researcher at KISDI, attendees discussed how to revitalize exchanges between the two countries, and to build, maintain, and develop cooperation channels.

KCC Chairman Choi Sung-joon remarked, “Inter-Korean interchange in broadcasting and communications is an important task to build dialog channels and trust.” He added, “Broadcasting provides a good opportunity to understand each other's culture and language, and it is an area where we should try harder to take a step toward Korean unification.”