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Z3 to Soon be Unveiled in Russia
Russian Surprise
Z3 to Soon be Unveiled in Russia
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • October 14, 2015, 03:45
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A screenshot of the Russian Z3 teaser video.
A screenshot of the Russian Z3 teaser video.


The Z3, Samsung Electronics' second Tizen phone, is scheduled to be revealed in Russia on Oct. 15. With the appearance of the phone, which is known to be used by Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, the expansion of an ecosystem for the Tizen Operating System (OS) is likely to speed up.

The Tizen Association, led by Samsung and Intel, unveiled a 1.45 minute promotional video for the Z3, which showed images of pink and black models. Hence, observers say that the launch of the Tizen phone is imminent.

The showcasing of the Tizen Z3 was previously reported by Tizen Indonesia. According to the report, Samsung is going to introduce Tizen OS at Samsung Electronics Enterprise Mobility Forum in Moscow, Russia on Oct. 15. Since a new smartphone is scheduled to be unveiled during the event, experts think that the Z3 will be probably revealed.

There have been a lot of expectations that the launch of the Z3 will mark a turning point in expanding Tizen OS. With the much-anticipated phone scheduled to be unveiled, the expansion of an ecosystem for Tizen OS is likely to accelerate. The new Tizen phone will be introduced to more countries than its predecessor. The Z1 only rolled out in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, but the Z3 is going be released in Nepal, the Middle East, and Europe, in addition to the three Asian countries.

Some in the industry believe that Samsung's decision to debut the Tizen Z3 in Russia was made with the possible expansion of Tizen OS to the country in mind. In fact, the Russian government is said to be working to develop its own OS in an effort to wean itself from Google's Android and Apple's iOS. Russia is showing an interest and opening up the possibility of its participation in the development of Tizen OS. As a result, there is much anticipation for the country to become a new stage that can be the basis of the expansion of Tizen OS.