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Say “Be My Valentine” at Lotte Hotel Seoul
Lotte Hotel presents value packages for Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year and Weddings
Say “Be My Valentine” at Lotte Hotel Seoul
  • By matthew
  • January 15, 2010, 16:01
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Be My Valentine! Romantic

Sparkling Dinner

The Italian restaurant “Peninsula”, the wine restaurant and bar “Vine”, and the bakery & deli “Delica-Hans”, all located at Lotte Hotel Seoul, are presenting special packages for the most romantic time of the year, Valentine’s Day. The event will run for 18 days, from February 9 to 26. At Peninsula, where diners can enjoy genuine Italian cuisine in a casual atmosphere, the restaurant is including Italian sparkling wine, boasting a savory fragrance and mellow taste, in its special dinner package. “Vine” is presenting a comprehensive package that includes a package dinner with French sparkling wine at the restaurant and a romantic one night’s accommodation in a deluxe room at the hotel. Included in the package is a special gift basket of red roses and a bottle of champagne which will await couples in the guestroom. Don’t forget to stop by Delica-Hans, the hotel’s cafe & deli to check out a special hamper filled with Valentines Day surprises.

For more information, please call Peninsula (02) 317-7121~2; Vine (02) 317-7151~2; Delica-Hans (02) 317-7148~9

Take Pot Luck

Lotte Hotels throughout Korea are offering a “Take Pot Luck” package for the Lunar New Year. The package gives guests the opportunity to test their New Year’s luck by offering scratch card in a lucky bag, allowing them to exchange the card with the gifts indicated. Basically everyone ends up winning a gift, ranging from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee to a ravishing dinner at PIERRE GAGNAIRE a Seoul, helping to enrich guests’ Lunar New Year. The “Take Pot Luck” package is being offered for five days only, from February 12 to 16 (15 for Jeju), at Lotte Hotel’s Seoul, World (Jamsil), Ulsan and Jeju locations.

Lotte Hotel Seoul’s “Take Pot Luck” package, priced at 200,000 won, includes one night in a Deluxe Room, breakfast buffet for two, and a lucky bag. Admission to the fitness center, 50% discount at the golf range, 20% laundry discount and a 10% discount at all restaurants (except PIERRE GAGNAIRE a Seoul) also come with the package.

For more information, please call (02) 759-7311~5 or visit

My Big Surprise Wedding

Lotte Hotel World introduces “My Big Surprise Wedding” package for those having their weddings on Mondays or Tuesdays. The package includes a 20% discount on all food and drinks as well as a 35% discount on flower decorations. Complementary wedding candles, a cake, ice carvings and special costumes for pyebaek (a traditional ceremony to pay respect to the bride and groom’s families by the newly-wedded couple right after their wedding) are offered at no additional cost.

Lotte Hotel World is famous for its trendy, sensual and dramatic wedding presentations, meeting each couple’s individual needs and demands. If a couple is interested in having a private “Western” party, they should consider the “House Wedding” package, provided by and held at Mega CC, the hotel’s brewery pub. Boasting a two-storied, wide-spaced German atmosphere, it will be a perfect wedding venue for those who want a unique wedding experience.

In addition, Lotte Hotel World offers classy, high-end wedding invitation cards at no cost for couples having their weddings at the hotel in March or April and featuring 250 or more guests.

For more information, please call Lotte Hotel World’s Wedding Center at (02) 411-7450