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KT SAT Targets Asian Satellite Service Market
CommunicAsia 2015
KT SAT Targets Asian Satellite Service Market
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • June 3, 2015, 08:00
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KT SAT officials explain the company's next satellite launch plan. (Photo via KT SAT)
KT SAT officials explain the company's next satellite launch plan. (Photo via KT SAT)


KT SAT (CEO Song Jae-gook) announced that it will participate in CommunicAsia 2015 being held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from June 2 to 5. 

In the event, the company will run an exhibition hall to introduce the satellite services of KT SAT, including global coverage, satellite broadcasting and satellite mobile phones, which will be expanded further with two additional satellites scheduled to be launched in 2016. Also, it will unveil satellite management expertise, which it has accumulated since the opening of the Kumsan Satellite Control Center in 1970. Visitors will have access to information about satellite coverage and offering services through a touch screen in the exhibition hall of the KT SAT.

Also, it will host another event to invite business operators in target regions, including Southeast Asia, where demand for satellite communication is growing, in order to seek out overseas marketing bases and business opportunities.

It will have a Philippine Day on June 2 and Indonesia Day on June 3. In each event, KT SAT CEO Song Jae-gook will introduce excellence in its satellite resources and present a vision of its future in person. The company has satellite orbits of 113° and 116°, which allows service provision in the regions. 

KT SAT has focused on local marketing through the participation of overseas exhibitions from last year in order to expand its sales channels. Also, nearly 700 people visited its exhibition for three days at CABSAT being held in Dubai in 2015.

Moreover, the company opened sales operation point offices in Indonesia and Dubai and hired local staff. In a bid to train experts in each region, KT SAT sends “sales pioneers,” accelerating the global market expansion. As a result, the number of its overseas client companies increased to 24 in 13 countries in 2015, from 8 companies in 6 countries in 2012, establishing a solid foothold as a global company.