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Women Assuming Greater Significance in Securities Industry
Prejudice Falling
Women Assuming Greater Significance in Securities Industry
  • By Jung Suk-yee
  • May 18, 2015, 03:45
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The number of women working in the domestic securities industry is on the rise, despite the restructuring and consolidation of branches that took place last year. In addition, they are increasingly involved in product development, fund management, and marketing.

According to the Korea Financial Investment Association, the number of female fund managers with a certified investment manager license increased from 2,493 to 2,670 between 2010 and this year.

Still, those women face difficulties in the form of social prejudice and career interruption resulting from marriage and childbirth. “I had to make presentations up to a week before my delivery date and go back to work in less than a month from the date for the work I was responsible for,” one of them remarked, adding, “As a woman, I face a lot of hurdles in taking care of my home and company at the same time.”

Nevertheless, some people are advising that they be stronger than they are if they want to be successful in the industry. “Many people still think women tend to fail to hold out at a critical moment, despite their potential and capabilities,” said a female executive at a securities firm, continuing, “In order to overcome the prejudice, they need to have the desperateness of their male co-workers who consider their job as their only way to keep their families.”