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KTO Releases List of 16 Traditional Markets for Tourists
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KTO Releases List of 16 Traditional Markets for Tourists
  • By Lee Song-hoon
  • May 15, 2015, 03:30
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Sokcho's Tourist and Fisheries Market.
Sokcho's Tourist and Fisheries Market.


Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) released the list of traditional markets that are most worth visiting for tourists. The list includes Incheon Sinpo Market, Suwon Paldalmun Market in Gyeonggi Province, Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market and Wonju Jungang Market in Gangwon Province, Chuncheon's Nangman (Romantic) Market, Cheongju Yukgeori Traditional Market and Seongan-gil Market in Chungcheongbuk-do Province, Daejeon's Joongang Market, Gwangju's Dae-in Market, Jeonju's Nambu Traditional Market, Daegu's Seomun Market, Andong's Jungang New Market, the International Market and Bupyeong (Kkangtong) Market in Busan, Gyeongju's Jungang Market, the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, and Jeju's Dongmun Traditional Market.

Among 35 traditional markets recommended by local governments outside of Seoul, KTO made the final selection after screening them by professional experts based on tourism attractiveness for foreign tourists, such as accessibility, amenities, food, and nearby attractions. The organization is planning to develop and launch a “Traditional Market Electronic Stamp Tour App” for individual tourists later this year.

Suwon's Paldalmun Market is the first and only market created by a king in history. It forms a large market area put together by consolidating several markets, including the Paldalmun, Jidong, Minari, Motgol, and Yongdong markets. The market offers cultural events such as the Haenggung Road Light Festival and the Hwaseong Cultural Festival.

Daegu Seomun Market is the largest traditional street market in Daegu, and it is visited by many tourists both at home and abroad. The market is also one of the country's oldest markets, dating back to the middle of the Joseon Dynasty. It offers various foods, including a wide variety of ggoma gimbap, or mini gimbap, kaljebi, a combination of noodle kalguksu and soup sujebi, nabjak mandoo, or flat dumplings, and fresh fruit juices.

Also, Cheongju Yukgeori Traditional Market and Seongan-gil Market are the largest conventional markets in Chungcheongbuk Province and the nation. A 5-day market called “dokkaebi market” is also being held in the early morning on every date ending with a 2 or a 7.

KTO will promote the 16 traditional markets across the world through its overseas branches and develop its tourist products in cooperation with local travel agencies.