Greetings from the Publisher

Jack Park

Over three decades since its inception in 1983 as Korea’s first English business medium, BusinessKorea has made consistent efforts to play a bridging role for the nation’s economic and business world communicating with the globe.

During that period, the South Korean economy has achieved exponential growth and we are proud to be a part of it in the terms that the medium has made a contribution to the economy on a global level by providing in-depth and analytical information on the macro-economy of Korea and its business environment as well as technological developments and business activities both at home and abroad.

In the course of publishing news content, BusinessKorea has tried to look on the positive side whenever possible. Still, it has never been lax in criticizing the local enterprises and the government in a constructive way when improper business practices and policies were found.

At the same time, BusinessKorea has raised objections to subjective and inappropriate reports from foreign news outlets and organizations, and has endeavored to correct such reports by telling the truth. In addition, it has tried to reveal and

criticize global players’ high-handedness and unreasonable business behaviors in the Korean market.

As part of these efforts, the company established an online news outlet here at in 2013 to transform the platform from a simple Web site of a monthly magazine into an online portal by updating it around the clock and linking it to Google News, competing with foreign media in the global market that covers the Korean economy. At present, 85% of BusinessKorea readers are outside the country.

The South Korean economy has grown mainly based on conventional industries. Nowadays, however, it faces mounting challenges such as the emergence of Industry 4.0 and the rise of China. It should meet the challenges not as a fast follower but as a first mover by means of through industrial restructuring and innovative technological development. BusinessKorea will keep focusing on such efforts of the Korean economy.

Furthermore, BusinessKorea will raise its voice continuously as a leading business news outlet representing the local economy and communicating with the world in today’s fast-changing global economic environment.