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SK Global Chemical Most Efficient Profit-to-Employee Ratio in Korea
Profits Per Employee
SK Global Chemical Most Efficient Profit-to-Employee Ratio in Korea
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • April 7, 2015, 07:30
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Job portal Saramin announced on April 6 that the top 30 Korean companies averaged 59.56 million won (US$54,708) in annual profits per employee last year. The data, which covers 25 out of the 30 companies that recorded the highest sales last year, is based on their business reports available at the Data Analysis, Retrieval and Transfer System (DART) of the Financial Supervisory Service. 

Out of the 25, SK Global Chemical topped the list with average operating profits per employee of 329.7 million won (US$302,842). It was followed by the Korea Gas Corporation (280.1 million won or US$257,207), Daewoo International (279.99 million won or US$257,106), Hyundai Mobis (237.22 million won or US$217,832), Samsung Electronics (140.12 million won or US$128,705), POSCO (131.46 million won or US$120,715), Shinhan Bank (117.64 million won or US$108,057), and Hyundai Oil Bank (109.15 million won or US$100,217). 

The overall average business profits of the companies were 1.24 trillion won (US$1.14 billion) in 2014, approximately 610.7 billion won (US$560.8 million) less compared to the previous year. 

Samsung Electronics recorded operating profits of 13.925 trillion won (US$12.79 billion) and was followed by Hyundai Motor Company (3.7355 trillion won, US$3.4302 billion), POSCO (2.35 trillion won or US$2.16 billion), Hyundai Mobis (1.9139 trillion won or US$1.7575 billion), Shinhan Bank (1.7341 trillion won or US$1.5922 billion), Korea Electric Power Corporation (1.6737 trillion won or US$1.5367 billion), Kia Motors (1.4346 trillion won or US$1.3174 billion), KB Kookmin Bank (1.4052 trillion won or US$1.2904 billion), and LG Chem (1.1331 trillion won or US$1.0405 billion). Meanwhile, five out of the 25 companies were in the red in 2014.