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Domestic Automakers Sell 802,000 Units Last Month
SUVs On the Up
Domestic Automakers Sell 802,000 Units Last Month
  • By matthew
  • April 2, 2015, 03:15
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Thanks to the increased popularity of sports utility vehicles, the sales of five automakers in Korea increased dramatically last month compared to the previous year. 

According to auto industry sources on April 1, sales of the five domestic carmakers – Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, GM Korea, Renault Samsung Motors, and Ssangyong Motor – increased to 801,998 units, a 1.5 percent year-on-year increase. 

The figures increased 24.1 percent from February. The figures for February are lower than a year earlier due to the lack of business days in the domestic plants because of the Lunar New Year holiday. 

The sales of Renault Samsung Motors have doubled for three consecutive months. The domestic sales of the five domestic automakers last month increased 4.8 percent from last year. 

In the domestic market, the figure increased 4.8 percent from a year earlier and 23.3 percent from the previous month, recording 127,216 units. This is largely because the sales of recreational vehicles (RV), including SUVs, rose significantly. Exports slightly increased to 674,781 units, a 0.9 percent increase from the previous year. 

By enterprise, Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors sold 436,819 units and 276,656 units, an 0.8 percent and 1.8 percent increase each from the same month last year. In the domestic market, the sales of the Hyundai Sonata grew 81.5 percent, increasing total sales. In the global market, the total production amount in overseas factories increased by 0.9 percent. As the new Kia Sorento and Carnival have gained popularity, Kia Motors saw sales growth of 8.5 percent in the domestic market and 0.7 percent in the global market during the same period. 

For Renault Samsung Motors, sales increased as much as 98 percent to 21,347 units compared to the same month a year earlier. 

Renault Samsung Motors’ year-on-year sales are skyrocketing, up 150.6 percent in January and 102.5 percent in February. Due to the sales growth of the SM5 and QM3 in the domestic market, the figure increased 7.4 percent from the previous year. In exports, the figure increased 195.6 percent owing to the increase in Renault Samsung's consignment production of the Nissan Rogue. 

GM Korea sold a total of 54,305 units, including 13,223 units in the domestic market and 41,082 units in exports, showing an 11.6 percent decrease from a year earlier. Due to the withdrawal of the Chevrolet brand from Europe, exports dropped dramatically, by 14.9 percent. For Ssangyong Motor, sales in the domestic market increased 31.9 percent due to the popularity of the Tivoli. However, exports decreased 30.2 percent since supply to Russia virtually stopped. Accordingly, total sales decreased 2.2 percent. 

The bestselling model last month was the Hyundai Porter, which was a small pick-up truck, selling 9,117 units. The Hyundai Sonata sold 8,556 units, following the Kia Morning at 7,936. 

The Hyundai Avante came in 4th with 7,239 units; the Hyundai Grandeur in 5th with 7,037 units; the Kia Sorento in 6th with 6,921 units; the Hyundai Santa Fe in 7th with 5,815 units; the Kia Bongo in 8th with 5,162 units; the Kia Carnival in 9th with 5,100 units; and the Chevrolet Spark in 10th with 4,889 units.