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Hyundai Mobis to Participate in Seoul Motor Show 2015 with Experience Program
Experience MOBIS
Hyundai Mobis to Participate in Seoul Motor Show 2015 with Experience Program
  • By matthew
  • March 31, 2015, 03:45
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Hyundai Mobis’ booth.
Hyundai Mobis’ booth.


Hyundai Mobis is participating in the Seoul Motor Show 2015 to be held from April 3 at KINTEX in Ilsan. 

With the concept of “Experience MOBIS,” the company will display its key mass producing components and various newly-developed technologies through experimental simulators and large intelligence terminals. 

The simulator in the exhibition hall is the driver’s seat of an actual vehicle, allowing visitors to experience the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which are the basis of automated driving vehicles in the future, through a virtual screen. 

Through the ADAS simulator, visitors can experience the five systems: the around view monitoring (AVM) system, which provides a 360-degree external view from outside the car through a monitor while parking; the auto emergency braking (AEB) system, which supports the driver in avoiding a rear-end crash and can even stop the vehicle by itself when the distance to a car ahead is close enough or obstructions appear on the road; the lane keeping assistance system (LKAS), which helps the driver stay in his line while driving; the smart cruise control (SCC) system, which helps the driver follow a forward vehicle at an appropriate distance by automatic speed control; and the smart parking assist system (SPAS), which automatically controls the steering and parking.  

Also, Hyundai Mobis will showcase various parts, including brakes, steering, lamps, and audio, enabling visitors to test the products and their functions through large intelligence terminals, which will be installed all over the booth.