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KTDI, Bokwang Jointly Develop New Nylon Material
New Nylon
KTDI, Bokwang Jointly Develop New Nylon Material
  • By matthew
  • March 7, 2013, 17:28
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A jacket made from nanofiber nylon6 100% conjugate.The Korea Textile Development Institute (KTDI) announced on March 6 that for the first time in Korea, it had successfully developed a nanofiber nylon6 100% conjugate stretch and product (photo) jointly with Bokwang, a light-weight fabric weaving firm for sport and outdoor use operating in Daegu City.

The new creation can be used to produce outdoor jackets, windbreakers, down parkas, etc, and the fabric developed using this material weighs as little as 40~50g/㎡ and has natural elasticity without the help of spandex. Through years of efforts, the new material is now equipped with the new feature, a natural elasticity, while keeping the function of the light-weight materials most frequently used in outdoor sports clothing intact.

The technology giving elasticity to the nylon6 thread is under development by numerous companies, domestic and international, including Japanese Toray and Unitika, but this marked the first time commercialization took place using technology developed entirely in-house.

Bokwang said application of the new material to well-known domestic brands has been received well by customers and led to constant demand for delivery. The KTDI and Bokwang secured one patent registration and two trademark registration relating to the development of a new material. KTDI President Lee Choong-sik said, “This new material will lead to a groundbreaking new product fueling a new boom in sports and outdoor products.”