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Mobile App to Let Drivers Find Nearest Parking Spot
Parking App
Mobile App to Let Drivers Find Nearest Parking Spot
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • March 10, 2015, 05:00
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An app for parking lots will be developed to notify users of the location of parking lots, parking rates, the number of parking spaces available, and the probability of parking at a certain parking lot. 

The National Police Agency announced on March 9 that it has decided to provide traffic information from the Urban Traffic Information System (UTIS) to the Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation (KCSC), which is building a parking guide system to manage parking in crowded areas. 

UTIS provides automotive navigation system information about the location of traffic accidents and congested areas stemming from rallies and demonstrations in real time, using traffic information collection devices like CCTV cameras.

The KCSC is planning to develop an app capable of giving information about parking lots by analyzing traffic information collected by UTIS and information about population density, the number of car registrations, and the floating population.

The app will be able to provide basic parking information, including the location of parking lots nearby, parking rates, and parking spaces available in certain parking lots. Unlike existing parking apps, the new one could inform users of parking spaces and parking likelihood.   

It will be possible to assess the number of parking spaces available in real time by recognizing the number of parking spaces and occupancy through CCTV cameras at parking lots. Parking likelihood refers to a rough estimate of parking lot occupancy during movement from the current location to a specific parking lot. Information collected by UTIS will be utilized in the estimate.  

The KCSC is scheduled to develop a parking app tentatively named Parking Guide System App by March next year and distribute it to the public for free.