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Doosan Infracore Appoints Top Engineer as New CEO
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Doosan Infracore Appoints Top Engineer as New CEO
  • By matthew
  • February 10, 2015, 01:49
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Doosan Infracore Co. has appointed Son Dong-yeon, head of the technology division, as its new CEO.

Doosan's new CEO Son Dong-yeon.​Holding a board meeting on Feb. 9, Doosan Infracore decided to appoint Son as the successor of the former CEO, Kim Yong-sung, who resigned.  

Newly-elected CEO Son served as the head of the technology research center at GM Korea and joined Doosan Infracore in March 2012. Since then, he has contributed to the whole management of the company, including its advancement of technology and the innovation of its process. 

A Doosan Infracore representative explained that the company appointed the former engineer as its new CEO in order to strengthen its technology competitiveness and achieve the dominant position in the global market, where the competition in technology is fierce and many variables exist.    

Meanwhile, former CEO Kim Yong-sung resigned due to the poor performance of the company. Accordingly, Doosan Infracore’s representative director system has changed. Previously, there were two representative directors, former CEO Kim Yon-sung and Lee Oh-kyu, head of the management division. Now, the company has united under one representative director.