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Samsung Buys Stakes in Stylus-Maker Wacom
Samsung Buys Stakes in Stylus-Maker Wacom
  • By matthew
  • February 1, 2013, 10:28
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Samsung Electronics decided to nab stakes in the Japanese tablet company Wacom and to enhance cooperation. The Japanese firm, which produces tablets and touch pens, also makes the stylus pens for Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices.

According to the Japanese media and Samsung Electronics on January 31, Wacom announced that it had entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with Samsung Electronics. The Korean firm bought a 5 percent stake in Wacom, and Wacom decided to raise 5.3 billion yen (some 630 million won) for development of products to be supplied to Samsung Electronics and enhancement of their supply system.

The two companies also plan to further expand cooperation in a wide range of fields by either shortening the time taken to develop new products or broadening supply system in the smartphone and tablet field.

In particular, with the Korean firm increasingly adopting the S-pen as major features in its premium lines, strategic partnership between the two companies will likely be established in relevant fields down the line.