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LG Electronics Releases Gram 15, Lightest Ultra Laptop
1,390 Gram Notebook
LG Electronics Releases Gram 15, Lightest Ultra Laptop
  • By matthew
  • February 4, 2015, 01:12
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The new Gram 15 notebook from LG.
The new Gram 15 notebook from LG.


LG Electronics is expanding its lineup of ultra-light laptops with the “Gram 15” (model name: 15Z950), which is its 3rd gram series product. 

The Gram 15 weighs only 1,390 grams, even though it has a 15.6 inch screen. The Korea Record Institute certified it as the lightest laptop among 15.6” laptops currently being sold in the global market.

The Gram 15 inherited its ultra-light technology and refined ultra-slim design from earlier iterations of the Gram Series. LG Electronics uses a magnesium external cover to strengthen the product.  

The laptop is mounted with the latest Intel 5G CPU, and its graphics and multitasking performance are improved by more than 20 percent from that of existing 4G CPUs. Its high-density battery lasts 10.5 hours, which would be an entire flight from Incheon to L.A. The product also comes with Wolfson Hi-Fi audio for high-quality sound. 

Hur Jae-cheol, director of the HE Marketing Function Division at LG Electronics Korea, said, “Existing laptops with screens bigger than 15 inches were less portable. So, they were often used as desktops. Since the Gram 15 has a large screen and is lightweight, it will be useful for not only students but also office workers, who often work outside of the office and go on a lot of business trips.”