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Tens of Thousands from 170 Countries to Visit the City of Light
Gwangju 2015 Universiade
Tens of Thousands from 170 Countries to Visit the City of Light
  • By Lee Song-hoon
  • January 29, 2015, 10:05
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The mascot of the Universiade Gwangju 2015 is a Nuribi figure.
The mascot of the Universiade Gwangju 2015 is a Nuribi figure.


Monday Dec. 15th marked a significant point in the build up to the Universiade Gwangju 2015, being exactly 200 days before the start of the games. While the big day is getting closer, the organizing committee is getting ready to take its preparation to the next level by focusing on gametime operations. As all venue constructions are on schedule for completion by the end of March, Gwangju is well on track to delivering a lasting legacy for South Korea.

The Gwangju 2015 Universiade Organizing Committee (GUOC) has achieved much over the past few years, and is now in the final stretch. GUOC President and Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun visited the headquarters to celebrate the 200 day milestone and motivate the staff members for the next stage of preparations.

The new Kwangju Women's University Universiade Gymnasium is on schedule to be completed before the event begins.The GUOC is making a transition from the planning phase to operational readiness. The Venue Operation Plan (VOP), which is an operating manual for gametime, is under revision and includes operation plans for 41 competition areas and 31 non-competition areas. In order to prevent or control unexpected situations that might occur during the event, the GUOC has conducted on-site simulations every two weeks to improve the VOP since November. The GUOC produced a final version at the end of 2014. Since the VOP is finalized, preparation for test events will begin.

Test events provide the opportunity to exercise all operational procedures and to identify and resolve problems during gametime. The GUOC has held a comprehensive series of test events which include volleyball, baseball, judo, football, and handball. Gwangju will host 16 more test events from March to June 2015.

Only 3 out of 70 venues will be newly built. The existing venues and facilities will be refurbished to meet the international sporting standards. Eighty-eight percent of the entire construction program is complete and right on track for the test events starting in March.

As the Opening Ceremony of the Universiade Gwangju 2015 is approaching, the interaction between the GUOC and delegations are becoming more frequent and significant. Therefore, the GUOC is also gearing towards delegation services during the transition between the planning phase and operational readiness phase.

Over the next seven months, Gwangju will be focused on delivering the most exciting sporting and cultural event ever to come Korea. The GUOC is already laying the groundwork for a lasting legacy so that the youth around the world can fully embrace true sportsmanship and give their all at the Universiade Gwangju 2015. 

The May 18 test event for men's volleyball.