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Hanwha Chemical to Export Generic Arthritis Drug Tech to Germany
Export of Generic Drug Tech
Hanwha Chemical to Export Generic Arthritis Drug Tech to Germany
  • By matthew
  • January 23, 2015, 03:26
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Hanwha Chemical is exporting the technology to make generic drugs for arthritis treatments.

According to the industry on Jan. 22, Hanwha Chemical has signed a contract with German chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck to export the technology to make its biosimilar arthritis drug called Davictrel early next month.

A biosimilar drug is a drug that has the same effect as another drug, but a different, non-patented structure. Biopharmaceuticals are drugs produced using chemical composition and living cells and hormones. However, biopharmaceuticals must still undergo clinical trials just like the original drugs. Davictrel is a biosimilar of Pfizer's arthritis drug Enbrel.

Hanwha Chemical will enter into a licensing agreement with Merck to export the manufacturing technology of Davictrel. According to the sales scale and the contracted period, the final amount of sales and royalties can vary. So, there’s no knowing how much export scales would be exactly.

In November last year, Hanwha Chemical was licensed to sell Davictrel from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Meanwhile, Enbrel, the original drug of Davictrel, is a big hit with annual sales reaching 10 trillion won (US$9.21 billion). Hanwha Chemical is likely to enter the global market with Davictrel through Merck. Depending on the market situation, its sales could reach tens to hundreds of billions of won.