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Sungmin Hospital : Finger Replantation Powerhouse in Korea
The regional medical center in Incheon City continues the hope of humanity
Sungmin Hospital : Finger Replantation Powerhouse in Korea
  • By matthew
  • February 1, 2013, 10:55
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Sungmin Hospital (director M.D. Ahn Byung-moon) is the only hospital specializing in microsurgical finger replantation in Incheon Metropolitan City, which has a population of 2.83 million.

Founded in March 1993 and celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Sungmin Hospital is located in Seo-gu, Incheon City. It has fulfilled its role as the regional medical center for healthcare promotion, providing high-quality medical services in a variety of fields such as orthopedics.

It has offered specialized medical services since its inception in order to actively deal with various industrial accidents and disasters. It was designated a regional emergency medical center in 2004 and has redoubled efforts to further refine its 24-hour diagnosis and surgery systems.

World-class Micro Replantation Center Certified by Government

The Micro Replantation Center (medical director Kwon Ki-doo) of Sungmin Hospital has strengthened its medical personnel and systems since 2000 for the better, timelier emergency treatment of amputation patients. It has employed advanced techniques and time-tested therapies so that patients can be fully satisfied with treatment results and continue their hope for life.

The replantation center has performed a large number of surgical operations involving bone, nerve, tendon and blood vessel regeneration, which require extremely high skills, as well as achieving remarkable results in the field of clinical research. The center obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 2005, the first time a medical institution in Korea has done so, and won the Excellent Paper Award in the clinical research segment from the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand. In addition, it has contributed to the development of the medical sector both at home and overseas by actively participating in the Korean Orthopaedic Association, the Korean Society for Microsurgery, and so forth. Back in 2009, it was invited by the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery to present a paper and share its research results at its annual meeting.

Building on such accomplishments, Sungmin Hospital was selected in 2007 as one of the two pilot institutions for microsurgical finger replantation by the Ministry of Health & Welfare. Three years later, it was designated a leading medical institution, specializing in replantation by the same ministry, winning the ministerial award, and officially becoming a regional microsurgical finger replantation center in October 2011. Furthermore, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy selected it as Korea’s first model digital hospital in 2011.

Contribution to Globalization of Advanced Medical Technology of Korea

Not content with such success, Sungmin Hospital is striving to become one of the most advanced medical institutions in the world. To realize its vision of SM2020 under the slogan ‘Contribution to Health and Happiness of Humanity through Healing’, the hospital is exerting great efforts to become the best of its kind in Korea and increase its international standing.

It was chosen as one of the three model hospitals of the Knowledge Economy Ministry’s Digital Hospital Export Project in 2009. The following year, it took part in the World Best Software Project, playing a leading role in the digitalization of small-scale hospitals.

At the same time, it is making the most of its geographical advantage; its proximity to Seoul/Incheon International Airport and Incheon Port, to pursue its plans for differentiated, specialized medical services for foreign patients in the fields of joint treatment, spinal treatment, etc.

Director Ahn Byung-moon is currently serving as head of the International Committee of the Korean Hospital Association and the first chairman of the Digital Hospital Export Forum, dedicating himself to the globalization of the Korean medical industry. He also joined the Korean delegation to Saudi Arabia in February last year, promoting medical cooperation between the two countries.