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In-depth Exploration of Strategic Investment Value
In-depth Exploration of Strategic Investment Value
In-depth Exploration of Strategic Investment Value
  • By matthew
  • March 9, 2012, 13:41
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In July 2011, Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) President Choi Chong-suk said at his inaugural address, “Our research arm will play a key role for long-term profit generation. Our overseas investment portfolio is extensive, and I will keep trying to find the optimum organization and role setting for our research unit.”

Approximately half a year later in January, he reshuffled his organization and expanded its research function. More specifically, the former Investment Strategy Team was promoted so that the Investment Management Division’s investment monitoring, research and management functions could be enhanced. The newly established Investment Strategy Group is divided into three sections handling investment planning based on strategic and tactical asset allocation (SAA and TAA), research tasks, and indirect management.

At the same time, the stock management group was split into two teams, with one each dealing with equity and fixed income management. The indirect investment sector was transferred to the Investment Strategy Group.

London Office Launched

It was in this same context that the London office was opened on December 1, 2011. The opening ceremony was attended by President Choi Chong-suk, British Employment Relations Minister Edward Davey, Korean ambassador to Britain Chu Gyu-ho, and financial and economic attache to London, Kim Yong-jin, etc.

Chaired by director Seo Ik-ho, it is the second overseas branch of the KIC, following the New York office opened in July 2010. The purpose of both is to respond to global financial changes more adeptly, collect exclusive investment information and expand the KIC’s global investment network. “The London office is going to focus on investment in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, contacting leading asset management firms in the regions, exploring alternative investment opportunities and conducting monitoring and research activities,” said the president.

He added, “The KIC, by establishing the new office, has completed an around-the-clock global management framework connecting Asia, North America and Europe, and will be able to further advance its investment capabilities down the road.”