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Scheduled to Open on March 28 with 42 New Cars Displayed
Seoul Motor Show
Scheduled to Open on March 28 with 42 New Cars Displayed
  • By matthew
  • February 28, 2013, 11:41
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Seoul Motor Show 2013 will open its ninth show at Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province next month, inviting 331 companies from 13 countries around the world, the biggest scale ever. The show will showcase nine world premieres, 15 Asian premieres and 18 Korean premieres.

The Organizing Committee of Seoul Motor Show 2013 (headed by Kwon Young-soo) had a news conference at Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul on February 27 to explain its preparation for the show and introduce the participating companies. Under the theme of “With Nature, For the People,” Seoul Motor Show 2013 will begin with the press day on March 28 and continue until April 7. The exhibition area covers 102,431㎡, twice that of the previous one held in 2011.

The Organizing Committee expects about 1.2 million visitors, 15,000 foreign buyers and export counseling for US$1.5 billion worth of products.

There are 228 domestic and 103 foreign companies participating in this international motor show. Especially, German companies, totally 35 including five car makers, account for the largest portion of the foreign participants. Among totally 331 participating companies are 29 car makers (9 Korean, 20 foreign), 290 parts suppliers and 4 two-wheeled vehicle makers.

The number of new cars, representing the show’s international status, is down to 42 this year from 54 in the previous show.

Seoul Motor Show 2013 will show nine world premieres (meaning world’s first cars) including Hyundai Motor’s luxury sports coupe concept car HND-9 and commercial vehicle Trago Axcient, Ssangyong Motor’s concept car LIV1 and W Summit, Oullim Motors’ New Spira GT 3.8, and Power Plaza’s concept car Yebbujana 4.0.

Asian premieres include Kia Motors’ five door K3, Renault Samsung’s compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) Capture, Ssangyong Motor’s concept car SIV1, BMW 3 series GT/M6/Gran Coupe/Z4 and S-Drive 35is, Lincoln all-new MKZ, Toyota Avalon, Volkswagen Golf A7, Infiniti concept car LE, and others.

The show will also introduce 15 kinds of future concept cars and 34 kinds of hybrid, electric, fuel cell cars.