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A Solution to Maximizing Energy Efficiency
Domestic and overseas smart grid experts gathered at the 2010 World Smart Grid Forum
A Solution to Maximizing Energy Efficiency
  • By matthew
  • January 15, 2010, 15:33
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The Korea Smart Grid Association and Korea Smart Grid Institute jointly hosted the 2010 World Smart Grid Forum from January 20 - 22 at COEX, Seoul. More than 2,100 people pre-registered to attend the forum, reflecting the high interest in the smart grid industry. This year’s forum was held to celebrate the first anniversary of the smart grid policy implementation, as well as ascertain the current status of the domestic smart grid sector and identify future direction for development. Under year’s theme of “Smart Grid Implementation and Beyond” and sponsored by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Presidential Committee on Green Growth, the forum served to publicize Korea’s smart grid vision. Visions of the 2010 World Smart Grid Forum included the benchmarking of advanced overseas technologies for the successful establishment of smart grid business models as well as becoming an arena for domestic and overseas experts to come together and engage in in-depth discussions regarding practical, field technologies. The forum also featured a test bed exhibition hall where commercialization of smart grid technology was featured to highlight the present and future of the smart grid industry in Korea. Smart Grid, which refers to a next-generation electric grid that allows electricity suppliers and consumers to share information in real time using information technology, and maximize energy efficiency, is being recognized as a new growth engine for the national economy and is being promoted as a national undertaking.

In addition to the keynote speakers, Koo Ja-kyun, Chairman of Korea Smart Grid Association, Guido Bartels, Chairman of GridWise Alliance and Warren Ribley, Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, 66 other speakers participated in the forum in the form of presentations, speeches and roundtable discussions. Major participants included the member companies of the Korea Smart Grid Association, including the LS Industrial Systems, KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation), KPX (Korea Power Exchange) and SK Telecom as well as other stakeholders in the smart grid industry.

With climate change measures, low carbon and green growth having become major topics, smart grid is gaining attention as a new paradigm in terms of energy technology, and is ultimately becoming a new growth driver of the national economy, as well as playing a major role in achieving Korea’s goal of becoming the first in the world in 2030 to build a smart grid at a national level. In his keynote speech, Koo Ja-kyun, Chairman of the Korea Smart Grid Association, presented his corporate vision for each industry, including utilities, heavy electrics, energy, automobile, IT/communications, construction and home electronics. He said, “Green Growth is not an option. Leading or falling behind is what matters. Korea was designated a leading country in smart grid technology at the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (MEF) held in conjunction with the expanded G8 Summit.” Koo listed 3C’s as key points in smart grid industry: Crisis, Chance and Change.

The Korea Smart Grid Association, the main body of the forum, was launched in May 2009 with the purpose of developing smart grid projects and encouraging the use of a smart grid electricity transmission system and renewable energy to contribute to national economic growth and improve the quality of life. The association identified its major tasks as the establishment of smart grid infrastructure, research and analysis on smart grid, acting as a mediator between the government and private-sector stakeholders and the standardization of projects. As of January 2010, 100 companies belong to the association as member companies, with the association’s achievement of gathering such a large number of companies in such a short period being noted and celebrated