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Successful Promotional Week of Materials, Components Industry Draws to Close
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Successful Promotional Week of Materials, Components Industry Draws to Close
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • November 19, 2014, 05:54
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A view of the exhibition floor of the 2014 Korea Materials & Components Week.
A view of the exhibition floor of the 2014 Korea Materials & Components Week.


The 2014 Korea Materials & Components Week was held between Oct. 22 and 24 at the KINTEX Convention Center under the slogan of New Era, New Challenge and New Job. More than 17,000 participants from 120 companies, 14 research institutes, and 22 financial institutions attended the event for approximately 330 technical consulting, 50 investment consulting, and 550 export consulting meetings.

The exhibition focused on hands-on experience and promotion of the accomplishments of the industry so that the general public can better understand its history and R&D outcomes. The exhibition was divided into the Forum of History; Forum of Accomplishments presenting international R&D activities; Forum of Innovation regarding software and convergence components; and Forum of Future for technology, finance, and human resources. Also, Senior Director Han Jang-seon at LG Chem, Director Lee Sang-ho at OE Solutions, and 36 other entrepreneurs were granted awards for what they have achieved in the industry.

Attendees of the 2014 Korea Materials & Components Week receive a tour of the show floor.The 550 or so meetings took place between 63 foreign companies and research institutes and 332 Korean companies for the creation of business opportunities. At the same time, 22 investors such as LB Investment conducted 50 financial consulting sessions for investment and M&As. Primary and secondary school and college students joined the exhibition as well to learn from those leading the industry these days. For instance, Shingok Elementary School students exhibited their 3D printers, and Kookmin University students showed Mini F1s. Drone quad-copters, virtual reality devices, and humanoid robots were displayed by Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Ajou University, and Inha Technical College.

As a program for social contribution, single-parent children were also especially invited to the exhibition for the Participatory Class and Science Theater. The 35 Jangchon Elementary School students enjoyed the events and got a better understanding of the industry.

The steering committee is planning to provide even more helpful forums and seminars, along with employment-related programs next year, while inviting more companies and organizations from home and abroad. It is expected that the exhibition themes and promotion plans will better suit corporate needs at the 2015 Korea Materials & Components Week. Also, the committee is going to hold the event at a more easily accessible venue at a more opportune time. Next year’s exhibition is likely to take place in early November to not overlap with the parliamentary inspection of the administration.