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Impressive Entries Seen at KAIST Wearable Computer Competition
Wearables Competition
Impressive Entries Seen at KAIST Wearable Computer Competition
  • By matthew
  • November 14, 2014, 09:23
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Smart wigs for cancer patients.
Smart wigs for cancer patients.


The 2014 Wearable Computer Competition was held at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) on Nov. 13. A wearable computer refers to an electronic device able to store and process data that is incorporated into a person's clothing or personal accessories so that it can be used on the move.

In the end, 15 out of 52 teams from universities nationwide made it into the finals. Health management products received 6 points, with those related to entertainment or information at 9 points.

Smart wigs for cancer patients submitted by ACE from Sungkyunkwan University are able to not only conceal the head of a cancer patient, but also detect any emergency like fainting, thanks to a heart rate sensor and a temperature monitoring sensor inside the wig.

Smart helmets by JARVIS from Yeungnam University feature a screen that can serve as a rear-view camera and a GPS navigation system on the smartphone to guide motorcyclists.

Smart goggles were also submitted to the contest, which were developed by GROW from Chungnam National University to help rescuers see under the water using ultrasonic waves, instead of visible light.

In addition, power point presentation (PPT) clothes were on display during the two-day competition, which enable people to turn over slides without a mouse using motion and voice recognition technology. Another entry was Navigation insoles that allow the wearer to find the way without looking at the smartphone.