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Mando Develops Active Retraction Caliper that Enhances Fuel Efficiency
Fuel Efficient ARC
Mando Develops Active Retraction Caliper that Enhances Fuel Efficiency
  • By matthew
  • October 17, 2014, 08:13
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Mando announced on Oct. 15 that it succeeded in developing its own Active Retraction Caliper (ARC) which remarkably enhances fuel efficiency. 

Caliper brakes are the standard for braking in modern automobiles. Brake pads surround discs connected to the car's wheels, and then squeeze the discs to stop the vehicle. However, when a car starts driving again, the brake pads do not disengage immediately, which is a major hindrance to fuel efficiency. 

ARC, in contrast, maintais a consistent space between discs and brake pads when automobiles start driving again after a temporary stop so that better mileage can be achieved. The system makes sure this happens regardless of the vehicle type or driving conditions. An official at Mando explained, “ARC makes fuel loss incurred due to brakes almost zero.” The official added, “ARC has been recently registered as one of the innovative products at the ‘Vehicle Dynamics International Awards’ hosted by popular British automobile journal UKIP Media and Events. We are working on joint projects to obtain the EU Eco-innovation certification together with a European automobile company.”