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POSCO 3.0, the Road Ahead for POSCO
Chung Joon-yang, CEO of POSCO, presented the company’s New Year’s Plan
POSCO 3.0, the Road Ahead for POSCO
  • By matthew
  • January 15, 2010, 14:01
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Chung Joon-yang, CEO of POSCO (the Pohang Iron and Steel Company) held the 2010 POSCO Family Kick-off Meeting on January 4, 2010 and delivered a New Year’s speech. He chose a different yet innovative approach in delivering his New Year’s message. Instead of reading lines off a script, he presented the company’s New Year’s plans using power point slides. The kick-off meeting was aired in Gwangyang Innovation Center and Seoul POSCO Center where 200 executives and employees as well as representatives from invested companies, outsourcing companies, and suppliers took part. All employees watched the live broadcast on TV and via corporate intranet.

During his presentation, Chung detailed the ‘Plans for the New Year’ which stressed the materialization of POSCO 3.0 for the next one hundred years based on the Evolution of Work, Expansion of Field, and Innovation of Movement. Chung said, “POSCO 3.0 is the road ahead for POSCO and represents the company’s ultimate goal. We will make great leaps based on the establishment and growth so far.” According to Chung, business areas in 2010 will evolve, operation fields will be expanded, and business practices will innovate so that all employees can help create a success story. He said, “This is the year of a tiger. Like a tiger waking up from a long sleep let us rise and run together.”

Following Chung’s presentation, New Year messages from overseas employees at POSCO-Mexico and POSCO-PWPC (Poland) were read out, warming the atmosphere. Kang Hye-jeong, a Soprano and Ha Suk-bae, a Tenor, sang La Traviata libiamo ne’Lieti Calici as well as the company’s song for festive 2010. Before the meeting, Chung also volunteered to serve meals to employees in the company’s restaurant as well as offering them encouragement.