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Largest Digital Exhibition Focuses on D!conomy This Time
Largest Digital Exhibition Focuses on D!conomy This Time
  • By matthew
  • October 2, 2014, 10:09
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CeBIT, the Center for Bureau, Information, and Telecommunication, the world’s largest digital trade exhibition which covers all fields in ICT, is holding CeBIT 2015 in Hanover, Germany for five days, from March 16 to 20, 2015. This time, the exhibition halls have been modified to place more emphasis on mobile, social, big data, the cloud, and security. Also, the exhibition will focus mostly on B2B rather than B2C, which it used to accommodate in previous years.

This event is organized by Deutsche Messe, the founder of CeBIT and the first and largest exhibition company in Germany founded in 1947. Massively scaled, about 4,000 companies from 70 countries will be participating. Also, about 20,000 visitors, with 92 percent being buyers, are expected come to look for business opportunities and purchasing products.

From Korea, Samsung Electronics will be the main participant, with 1,600 m2 for the display of its products. Other participants will be KOTRA, Daejeon Technopark, Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency, and Jeju Technopark. The items for exhibition are the following: digital equipment and systems, financial systems, data communication equipment and systems, software, cloud computing, security, computers and peripherals, office automation equipment and systems, and electronic data communication.

Oliver Frese, one of the members of the Managing Board for Deutsche Messe, said, “Digital technology is quickly penetrating all parts of our lives, directly influencing our work and our lives. IT has completely changed the current business model, and is in fact creating a totally different business model. Now, IT has possessed the power to completely change the shape of every industry. The word which perfectly encompasses this concept is d!conomy.” D!conomy is a new term coined to stand for the digital economy.

He also said the trends in the IT industry such as big data, cloud computing, mobility, social media, and security have experienced a tremendous amount of growth and has been changing the rules of the game for years, and these areas have converged to provide great influence on companies and society in general.

“Convergence and integration revolutionized the fundamental innovative technology, and as a result, a new generation in the digital world has begun,” Frese said.

The partner country for CeBIT 2015 is China. Korea was the partner country of CeBIT in 2009.