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Vice President of CJ Cheil Jedang Resigns
CJ Scandal Continues
Vice President of CJ Cheil Jedang Resigns
  • By matthew
  • September 29, 2014, 07:06
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Rho Hee-young, former vice president of CJ Cheil Jedang.​CJ Cheil Jedang Vice President Rho Hee-young, who has the nickname Midas Touch in the food service industry, resigned last week.

The Seoul Western District Prosecutor's Office had recently indicted her without detention for having evaded taxes of approximately 500 million won (US$475,705) for three years through transactions between her restaurant consulting company and CJ Group subsidiaries.

According to industry sources, the vice president had been deeply involved in the management of the CJ Group based on her connection with the company's Vice Chairman Lee Mi-kyung. The former had acted as a brand strategy advisor for the food service arm of the group since 2010.

She had been also appointed as the vice president and CEO advisor of CJ Cheil Jedang in June this year, in the middle of the prosecution investigation, to arouse controversy.