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K-Beauty to the World!
K-Beauty Expo 2014
K-Beauty to the World!
  • By matthew
  • September 5, 2014, 09:02
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A model prepares for an event at last year's K-Beauty Expo.
A model prepares for an event at last year's K-Beauty Expo.


The sixth K-BEAUTY EXPO 2014, the largest comprehensive beauty expo in Korea, will be hosted at KINTEX located in Gyeonggi-do from October 30 to November 2. The newest information in beauty industry trends will be introduced, and a banquet of genuine beauty will be held.

This expo obtained a certification as an international exhibition from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for two consecutive years including last year, and became an official industrial fair specialized in the beauty businesses. In order to accelerate overseas expansion of beauty industry-related companies in Korea, this expo is being prepared even more thoroughly.

K-BEAUTY EXPO 2014, with the theme of ‘K-Beauty to the World!,’ will expand its exhibition focus to cosmetics, hair, nails, health, raw materials, packing, and special products. It will host the biggest beauty contest in Korea and design international conferences to project the globalization and futures of the K-Beauty industry, various stages, and other events.

A total of 500 booths are being prepared for this expo, and issued products will have a separate block to emphasize the specialties of each product. An exhibition of innovative products will be held, called K-BEAUTY 10, in which product testing and voting will be included. The aim is for expertise and diversity can be enhanced even more.

Furthermore, the expo will recruit Korean companies who are capable of exporting products, invite buyers who have purchasing power in emerging markets such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia through KOTRA overseas trading hall, and conduct a 1-to-1 export consulting session.

This will be a step forward compared to existing export consultations through business matching. This will enable Korean companies and potential buyers to exchange consulting data, meet the actual business demands of each other, and enhance the success rates of consultations. As small businesses have obtained meaningful results out of export consulting sessions so far, the performances of this year’s export consulting deserve strong expectations.

In addition, business and public days will be designated, so that different events can be promoted for both industrial professionals and public visitors.

A trend hall where jewelry, aromas, inner beauty products, and food are exhibited will be created so that the wide spectrum of the beauty industry can be presented. The convergence possibility and vision of the Korean beauty industry will be shared.

Features of the 2014 K-BEAUTY EXPO

The K-BEAUTY EXPO has become the number one B2B specialized exhibition of the Korean beauty industry, so this expo is becoming even more actively engaged in pioneering overseas expansion for the attending companies. The efficiency of on-site consulting sessions will be maximized through a prior exchange of information, the professionalism and diversity of exhibited products will be enhanced, and differentiated visions to lead the K-BEAUTY market will be presented by selecting innovative products centered on the recent issues in the beauty industry.

In order to design specialized events for business buyers and public visitors, Thursday and Friday are designated as business days in which to hold intensive professional events such as overseas export consulting sessions, entrance consultations for new brand distributors, and trend seminars. On Saturday and Sunday, brand experience oriented events are prepared in order to maximize the advertising effects of attending companies and the satisfaction of public visitors.

A collaboration special hall with K-FASHION will be launched as well, to provide new business opportunities through various collaborations of the beauty businesses.

Overview of Other Events

Export Consulting Sessions: 1:1 export consulting sessions will be held by inviting big buyers from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America to the KOTRA overseas trading hall. Korean buyers will be invited as well for new brand consultations, and entrance consultation meetings will also be held by inviting MDs from Korean distribution companies.

Innovative Product Exhibition: The most innovative and differentiated products of the attending companies will be selected and exhibited under the name of “K-BEAUTY 10 Innovative Products.”

Beauty Talk Concert: Panels from OnSyle and Get It Beauty will be invited, and a beauty talk seminar that addresses concerns related to beauty issues shall be solved by talking with beauty mentors.

Seminars: Seminars for overseas expansion strategies and online overseas marketing strategies will be held to assist small and medium-sized companies enter into overseas markets. Demonstration Program: The makeup and hair styling of celebrities will be demonstrated.

Collaboration Special Hall: A special hall for collaboration of K-FASHION and K-BEAUTY will be prepared to be a total beauty paradise in both fashion and beauty.

Performance of Last Year

Gyeonggi-do, which has been hosting the “Beauty Design Expo” every year since 2009, changed the name of expo to “K-BEAUTY EXPO” in 2013, and held the largest beauty expo in Korea with 520 companies and 810 booths at KINTEX, Ilsan from September 12 to 15 last year. The size grew more than five times compared to 2012.

Gyeonggi-do transformed “K-BEAUTY EXPO” into a comprehensive beauty expo merged with B2B-based beauty, tourism, healthcare, and medical cosmetics last year in order to nourish its beauty business as a major industry. The exposition had been targeting individual consumers before, but expanded its targets to other businesses as well. Participating industries also expanded from cosmetics and beauty to tourism, health care, plastic surgery, and medical care.

Accordingly, Gyeonggi-do increased the budget for this expo 4.4 times to 1.98 billion won (US$1.94 million) last year, compared to 450 million won (US$441,855) in 2012. The size also expanded over 2.5 times to 32,157 m2 as well.

Furthermore, 510 companies in 810 booths, five times more than 2012, participated in the expo in 2013. Products for the exhibition also covered a wide range of the overall beauty industry including not only hair, nails, and esthetics but also cosmetics, raw materials, packing, medical care for the obese, and plastic surgery, wellbeing, and health.

Especially at the K-BEAUTY EXPO 2013, participants from the beauty industry such as hair, nails, and makeup dominated, and big distribution companies joined as well, which makes the expo unique. At the Korean open market consulting session held during the expo period, many small and mediumsized companies participated in direct open market consultations with Home & Shopping, eBay, Alibaba, Taobao, Rakuten, and Amazon. Last year’s expo consisted of a cosmetics hall, hair hall, esthetics & nail hall, health & spa hall, and beauty industry hall for obesity & plastic surgery.

Gyeonggi-do also opened a beauty market hall so that visitors could purchase products at a low price. Beauty related products from LUSH, GK Nail, and GNC; handmade jewelry of art gallery artists; and interior products and cosmetics from Beauty Lesha and Chocolate Cosmetics were sold at reasonable prices.

Gyeonggi-do also formed an association and organization hall in which 44 major educational institutes, associations, and organizations participated in order to focus on performances and the future of beauty industry supporting organizations in Korea. There was also a “promising venture hall” to introduce the advanced technologies of Korean companies.

As a result, 40,000 people visited the expo and US$13 million in contracts were created with 300 foreign buyers from 34 countries.

Overview of K-Beauty EXPO 2014
Title The Sixth K-BEAUTY EXPO 2014
Period 10:00 to 17:00, Oct 30(Thu) to Nov 2(Sun)
Venue KINTEX 1, Halls 4&5, Seminar Room
Host Gyeonggi-do
Media Partner OnStyle, Get It Beauty
Products Exhibited Cosmetics, Hair, Esthetics, Nail, Raw Materials, Packing, Fashion, etc.
Concurrent Events * 2014 Korea Beauty Festival hosted by the Korean Beautician Federation
* The Tenth IBSC International Beauty Technique Contest hosted by Korea Beauty Vocational Education Institute
Size 600 Booths of 400 Attending Companies, 50,000 Visitors inside and outside Korea