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Korean SMEs Show Off Techs at IFA 2014
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Korean SMEs Show Off Techs at IFA 2014
  • By matthew
  • September 10, 2014, 03:39
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Korean small and medium-sized enterprises put their best faces on at separate booths at the IFA 2014, the largest consumer electronics fair in Europe, which was held in Germany from Sept. 5 to 10.

These companies added their technologies to show off Korea’s stance as a tech powerhouse under the banner of the world's first or the world's best.

ACEN, a manufacturer of precision measuring instruments, drew buyers' attention by showcasing the world's first smartphone-based drunkometer at this year's IFA. Anyone can measure the level of alcohol in the blood by installing a related app and connecting the small measuring device to an earphone jack socket in a smartphone. The measured figure is displayed on the smartphone, and a warning message that prohibits driving pops up if the number exceeds the level punishable under the law. Since various punishable standards related to drunk driving for each country are featured, the device can be utilized anywhere in the world. It is also possible to check the monthly or annual amount of alcohol consumption, because measurement records are automatically stored.

ACEN’s small, practical design and function were recognized last year by winning the International Forum Design Award, which is one of three renowned design awards in the world. The Korean company filed patents with the patent and trademark offices in advanced countries like the U.S., Japan, and Europe in 2013. It is the second time for the firm to display its product at the trade show, following last year.

SEOUL VIOSYS, which specializes in UV LED modules and systems, also attracted a lot of attention at the event by displaying air cleaners for automobiles and portable sterilizers using Viophoton technology.

The technology in question is a method that removes pollutants using sunlight. The method is sterile, hygienic, and eco-friendly, as it does not leave any harmful residue. Thanks to its low power consumption, it is ideal to target the European market where energy efficiency is important.

In addition to gas ovens, Tong Yang Magic showcased its other new products, including the world's first fruit washer, a dishwasher with a glass door, and the world's slimmest water purifier. It is the fourth time for the company to participate in the trade show.

More than 20 other local small and medium-sized companies also displayed smartphone accessories, high-performance sound bars, ultra-slim projectors, toy drones, and extractors under the slogan “Great Korea.”