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Enjoying World Class Competitiveness in Nuclear Plant Area
Doosan’s outstanding capability to both produce and supply the key units is second to none in nuclear plant industry
Enjoying World Class Competitiveness in Nuclear Plant Area
  • By matthew
  • March 9, 2012, 16:38
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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction specializes in nuclear power plant equipment such as, reactor vessels, steam generators, coolant pumps, boilers, turbines, heat recovery steam generators, and plant instrument control systems. Doosan supplied an APR1400 nuclear reactor, steam generator and turbine to the UAE Nuclear Power Plant Project signed at the end of 2009.

The third generation nuclear reactor APR1400 is a new Korean light-water reactor. This new nuclear reactor is estimated to reduce development costs by at least 10%, as well as increasing generating capacity to 1400MW from 1000MW, and increasing life expectancy to 60 years from 40 years. Furthermore, an increased earthquake-resistant standard to Richter scale 7.0 and digitalization of the main control room has enhanced the safety of the power plant.

The Key to Competitiveness

What makes Doosan more competitive than others is the fact that it has a consistent production system and the capability to supply necessary techniques and equipment. The only firm that can consistently produce main nuclear equipment is French firm Areva. In addition, Doosan is one of only three firms in the world to have the capability to supply key nuclear power plant units.

Kim Ha Bang, vice President of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, said, "Although quite a few firms in the nuclear power plant construction industry have declined due to recession over the past 30 years,Doosan has continuously accumulated techniques and experiences thanks to domestic nuclear power plant construction”, adding, "Because Doosan is one of only very few firms with the capability to supply material and in possession of material technology, we have world-class competitiveness in supplying key nuclear power plant units”.

Doosan is on its way to completing the last two remaining tasks:- developing a new plant instrument control system (MMIS) and a nuclear reactor coolant pump (RCP), in order to apply these two products to the Sin-Wool-Jin nuclear power plant.

Aiming to Be the Global Leader

Despite last year’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant incident, states such as America, China, France and Russia still remain in favor of nuclear power plants. This was best highlighted when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved construction of two new nuclear reactors in a nuclear power plant in Vogtle. This was the first time the American government had approved construction of a new nuclear power plant since the Three Mile Island incident in 1979.

Furthermore, following recent strengthened green house gas emission standards, nuclear energy has become the most realistic alternative to fossil fuel and renewable energy, which is struggling to overcome its practical limitations.

Although the IAEA, IEA and WNA have foreseen the installation of nuclear power plants will fall, it is unlikely to be significant. The WNA in fact have analyzed that the capacity of nuclear power plants will increase 70%, reaching 614GW by 2030. In addition, the IAEA foresees that numbers of nuclear power plants in the world to be increased to maximum of 350 by 2030.

Doosan is not only responsible for construction of Sin-Go-Ri 3 and 4 and Sin-Wool-Jin 1 and 2, but is also participating in a UAE nuclear power plant project with Korea Electric Power Corporation. In addition, it is also supplying AP1000 to countries such as China and American in cooperation with American firm Westinghouse.

Doosan continues to increase its influence in the global nuclear power plant industry in an effort to become the global leader in nuclear power plant key units field.