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Enhancing Customized Service
Mirae Asset Securities to focus on individual needs
Enhancing Customized Service
  • By matthew
  • November 15, 2009, 00:00
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MIRAE Asset Securities diversifies its scope of business as a financial service provider in accordance with the Capital Markets Consolidation Act (CMCA) by developing distinguished products, penetrating overseas markets, and strengthening its Investment Banking field.

First of all, diversification of financial products depending on asset class, regions invested in, and IB sales, plus traditional portfolio, are the most viable changes by the new law. The firm has launched DLS (Derivative Linked Securities) products based on inflation, WTIC (West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil), natural gas, Baltic Dry Index, Commodity Index, and Gold Index, including carbon emissions trading, since February.

Second, ‘Wealth Plus,’ a customized wealth management system, has been developed in order to meet individual needs. A survey focusing on personal goal and related information about holding asset, which is collected from customers who desire wealth management service, systemically produce optimized program for the wealth management. The asset can be continuously managed via the system.

Customers are also warned by the management system about important events that could affect long-term investment. If a prior targeted profit has been achieved or the market is on the verge of a critical issue, customers can be notified by the system and make adjustments according to the system’s specifications.

Inventing overseas markets is another result that the firm has conducted under the influence of the new CMCA law. The firm is now offering different opportunities for investment in variety by extending its international network. It has established local corporations in China, the US, and the UK last year as part of its long-term strategy for the firm to become a global financial service provider. The Global Research Center in Hong Kong is a crucial point for investing in new profit sources in the global market. The firm also began its brokerage service as of September 25, with the licensed dealership for the brokerage of on-board derivatives like interest rate futures. Retail banking service for CMA is now available, too.

In this respect, the firm launched ‘Mirae Asset Account,’ a brand-new product providing consolidated asset management services, including fund accounts, pension accounts, asset management CMA, wrap accounts, and fiduciary accounts. A comprehensive financial service pursuing the individualized needs of each customer is expected to be implemented throughout this single account. This is another strategy by the company to be specialized in the fluctuating environment of the financial market in order to become a leading company in the market, according to Choi Hyun-man, vice president of Mirae Asset Securities.

“We will consistently offer qualified financial services based on our own experiences obtained from experiences in the asset management field and we promise it with the newly launched ‘Mirae Asset Account,’” added Choi.