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Galaxy Note 4 to be Released Earlier Together with Galaxy Alpha
Keeping iPhone 6 in Check
Galaxy Note 4 to be Released Earlier Together with Galaxy Alpha
  • By matthew
  • August 15, 2014, 19:03
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Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Alpha.
Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Alpha.


Following the release of the Galaxy Alpha, an intermediate level smartphone in which Samsung Electronics used metal in the side of the case for the first time in the Samsung smartphone line, Samsung Electronics will introduce the Galaxy Note 4, its next-generation tablet PC, on September 3. Whether these two products could save Samsung from its current stagnation is a big issue.

According to sources in the related industries on August 14, the Galaxy Note 4 will be launched in two versions, the regular flat screen line and as the Galaxy Note Edge, which will have a curved display.

A rumor says that Samsung Electronics applied to trademark the brand name Galaxy Note Edge at the United States Patent and Trademark Office on August 5, but the application papers Samsung Electronics filed didn’t mention any other details besides the name. It is assumed that this name implies a curved display application.

The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to come with a 14.47cm (5.7 inch) Quad HD display and either a new version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 or Exynos version processor. In addition, the device will come with an ultraviolet sensor together with heartbeat measurement and fingerprint recognition.

An industry professional said, “The Galaxy Note series are usually released in late September, but it is likely to be launched before mid-September this time, in order to overcome current difficulties. Also to contain against the iPhone 6, which is scheduled to be introduced in mid-September, the Galaxy Note 4 could be introduced early.”

The Galaxy Alpha will be released in 150 countries worldwide in order starting from early September. Its metal frame has an elegant curved surface design and strong endurance of external pressure.