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Top 10 Countries for Korean Youth Employment
Best Countries for Korean Youth
Top 10 Countries for Korean Youth Employment
  • By matthew
  • July 25, 2014, 07:41
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The web site of the Presidential Youth Committee.
The web site of the Presidential Youth Committee.


The Presidential Youth Committee announced on July 24 the top ten countries worldwide for Korean youth employment. They are Germany, the U.S., Vietnam, Singapore, Austria, the U.A.E., Japan, Qatar, Australia, and Hong Kong.

The Committee outsourced a research study to Suh Jong-hyun, a professor at Korea Polytechnic University Business School, last April in order to support youngsters highly interested in going abroad. His study arrived at this top ten list.

Professor Suh conducted the first screening with a local market attractability and approachability index among 103 countries where Korean companies have a presence. First, 45 countries were selected in the preliminary round. After considering additional indexes like wage level, unemployment rate, visa status, language requirement, number of new overseas branches, and demand on Korean labor from local and overseas branches, the top 10 countries were finally selected.

The Youth Committee said, “A lack of information, especially on countries with promising employment conditions, is still the biggest barrier for working abroad. We will provide more information by publishing employment manuals by country, and cooperate with related ministries so that working abroad could be supported by the government.”

More detailed information on each of the top ten countries can be found at the Youth Committee website.