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KDHC Signed Contract with TBS for Reviving Traditional Markets
It is the first time for KDHC to reach an agreement with a radio broadcasting company for the Traditional Market Stimulation Plan
KDHC Signed Contract with TBS for Reviving Traditional Markets
  • By matthew
  • October 5, 2011, 15:00
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On August 29, at its Pangyo office, the Korea District Heating Corp. (KDHC) signed a contract with the Traffic Broadcasting System (TBS) to revive traditional markets.

It is the first time the KDHC has reached an agreement with a radio broadcasting company regarding the Traditional Market Stimulation Plan.

They agreed on a partnership to actively cooperate in an effort to invigorate traditional markets. Under the agreement, TBS will produce and broadcast campaign programs related to the plan, with KDHC sponsoring the programs with Onnuri gift certificates that can be used at traditional markets nationwide.

A KDHC official said, “The agreement is meaningful as it is between a public corporation and a radio broadcasting company. We expect it to help revitalize traditional markets.”

Meanwhile, on July 20, the KDCH forged a sisterhood relationship with Jochiwon Market, promising its continued support. The event was attended by approximately 30 people, including the president of the market.

The company’s headquarters and fourteen operations nationwide will establish sisterhood relationships with two and fourteen traditional markets, respectively, through which the company will buy goods amounting to one hundred million won. KDHC will also actively encourage its employees to use traditional markets more often, such as when buying goods for donations to the needy, ceremonial foods for traditional holidays, office supplies and food used its company cafeterias. The KDHC will also designate a Traditional Market Day and hold a shopping event for its workers at various traditional markets.

KDHC also intends to purchase three hundred million won’s worth of Onnuri gift certificates.

All executives and employees will purchase gift certificates and use them in the company’s volunteer work.

This will include providing the gift certificates to the needy during holidays, as well as local welfare centers; allowing them to purchase the food they need to provide meals. The KDHC also announced it will hold various events at which prizes will be given.

An official said, “The agreement and purchase of the Onnuri gift certificates will lead to practical efforts”, not formalities, serving as an opportunity for small and medium-sized merchants to grow together.