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Unique Camping Experience on Paradise Island
The hotel opened a camping and barbecue zone, a first for a Korean hotel, allowing guests to safely enjoy camping with their families in tents already pitched, a fountain, fun facilities and special camping menus for children
Unique Camping Experience on Paradise Island
  • By matthew
  • August 22, 2011, 14:20
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Jeju Shilla Hotel is offering a luxury camping ground. The hotel opened a camping and barbecue zone in its garden area, a first for a Korean hotel, in November 2010. Guests can safely enjoy camping with their families in tents already pitched, a fountain, fun facilities and special camping menus for children.

The hotel created the program on the basis that not everyone wants to go through hardships such as erecting a tent or sleeping in a tent. Therefore, the hotel created a space in which people are able to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable camping atmosphere.

The idea has paid off handsomely. Guests must make a reservation at least one week before use if they intend to stay in the week, and at least two weeks if they intend to want to stay on a weekend.

The concept of the camping and barbecue zone is to enjoy camping and cooking a barbecue in nature, yet sleep comfortably in a hotel room. The camping zone is safe and clean, with guests not needing to prepare camping items such as tents, outdoor tables, grills, parasols and barbecue materials. Furthermore, the brands of all items used are “Snow Park” or “Ogawa,” which are very popular among campers. Guests also do not need to wash dishes after they have been used. To combat the hot weather, each tent features an air-conditioner, while a cooling system that emits cool vapors is located inside the camping zone.

Customers can feel romantic while walking with food materials on a trail from the poolside bar to the camping zone in Spring Garden. The camping zone features fantastic surroundings, including a spot where the last scene of Korean hit movie “Swiri” was filmed. After enjoying their barbecue, customers can sit at Swiri Bench and enjoy a fine view of the sea.

The camping zone is a good opportunity for fathers to show their love for their children. This is because hotel staff, on behalf of the fathers, is waiting for fathers and their families after setting all camping conditions, for example, erecting tents and preparing grills with charcoal on. If customers are not good at barbecuing, hotel cooks are on-hand to offer tips.

The hotel has also prepared an animal-themed playground and fountain at the bottom of the camping zone. Different from ordinary fountains, the fountain in the camping zone can create fog and 100 different kinds of effects, which, combined with various LED lighting, helps to create a fantastic atmosphere. In particular, the hotel paid attention to hygiene by installing a special ozone device as children plays in and around the fountain.

The playground is paved with elastic sheets for children’s safety. According to the law regarding playgrounds, the thickness of a sheet should be 5cm, yet those of the camping zone are 7.5cm, thus providing greater safety. The facilities on the playground are made from strong natural pine tree wood from Sweden and other environment-friendly materials. Guests do not need to pay for tents and camping equipment if they paid money for self-barbecue.

An adult barbecue dinner set consisting of pork, ribs, sirloin, abalones, shrimp, clams, etc., is priced at 75,000 won, while a similar adult barbecue lunch is priced at 70,000 won. A 30,000 won children camping set consists of smoked chicken, chicken mozzarella cheese roast, chestnut and bacon rolls and fruit. The hotel offers lunch from 11:00am to 3:00pm and dinner from 5:00pm to 12:00pm. Only guests of the hotel are able to use the camp site and self barbecue zone, and this is only on a reservation basis. For more information, call 064-735-5179 or 1588-1142