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Great Opportunities for Foreign Entrepreneurs
SGBSC leading the foreign investment opportunities as well as networking in Seoul
Great Opportunities for Foreign Entrepreneurs
  • By matthew
  • June 10, 2011, 14:03
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This is a place where foreign investors, who want to open small businesses in Korea, can receive all sorts of business consultation help as well as incubation offices for free of charge. It is the Seoul Global Business Support Center which opened door in May, last year.

Since it is located on the 2nd floor of the COEX Exhibition Hall in Gangnam and provides highly-successful business items and competitiveness to foreign investors, the center is regarded as an oasis to would-be CEOs who lack business experience and have language problems in Korea.

Four counselors proficient in English, Chinese, and Japanese provide a comprehensive counseling service on obtaining permit, tax, and law to foreign investors with limited capital. 4,500 people have already sought counseling help at the center, and over 20 of them have either started or been preparing the start up of their own businesses.

Among them are Wang Jun-rim and Jang Jin-gae who started their business with the help of the Seoul Global Business Support Center. They run an online community website for Chinese living in Korea called ICNKR.COM and earna six-figure salary annually. Five years ago, Wang Jun-rim and Jang Jin-gae came to Korea and chose an online community business for themselves, because the number of Chinese in Korea was rising. However, they went through hard times because they lacked in information and had language barriers. Afterwards, they knocked on the door of the SGBSC and reviewed profitability and possibility of their business while staying at the incubation office for about 6 month from May, last year. As a result, they are now CEOs of a 2.3 million member website.

CEO Wang said, “When I jumped into this business without much consideration and faced a big challenge, the Center helped meto learn many subjects, including how to analyze business environment in Seoul andhow to boosta tangible management capacity.”

“We will improve the investment environment in Seoul by offering foreign investor'sbusiness environment as well asnetworkingservice, business counseling, incubation office, and business seminar,” saidSimon Hong, DirectorofSeoul Global Business Support Center. or call (02) 6001-7241for more information.

Seoul Global Business Networking Event“An Evening for International Entrepreneurship”

Seoul Global Business Support Center strive to make the Seoul city a great place for foreigners to do business in and provides business consulting, seminars, incubation, networking services free of charge. Especially, SGBSC provides regular meeting opportunities to exchange information as well as promote friendly relationships between businesses both here and abroad gaining a positive feedback.

Another such meeting event is scheduled to be held on June 17, 2011 at 'Beehive Art Gallery' located at Seoul Gangnam Chungdam-dong under the theme called "An evening for international entrepreneurship." In this June event, CEOs and foreign entrepreneurs of foreign investment companies both here and abroad are expected to participate.

Most importantly, in this upcoming event, an opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to advertise or market their business will take place to provide a chance to grow in their business.