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Attacking on Raynaud Syndrome
The company is testing clinically the effectiveness of its erectile dysfunction treatment “Zydena” for treatment of Raynaud Syndrome
Attacking on Raynaud Syndrome
  • By matthew
  • May 12, 2011, 14:49
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Dong-A Pharmaceutical (CEO Kim Won-bae) has started taking a clinical test for the effectiveness of its own-developed erectile dysfunction treatment pill, Zydena, on treating “Raynaud Syndrome.” Last February, the company received the approval for clinical testing from Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) under the condition that the test should be carried centered on the researchers. The clinical test has been carried out targeting the patients showing repetitions of the Raynaud Syndrome by Professor Lee Eun-bong at Department of Internal Medicine of Seoul National University Hospital since March.

Raynaud Syndrome is caused by a blood circulation disorder or a contraction of the peripheral blood vessel of fingers, toes, nose, ears, etc. due to severe coldness or stress. Ordinarily, it means the tingling sensation of hands, where the skin sensitive to coldness turns white or blue. When tingling sensation in hands, itchiness, or pain is felt, it could be suspected as the syndrome. In particular, such symptoms are commonly found in female patients. As this time’s clinical test includes female patients, it is drawing much attention.

Professor Lee Eun-bong, who will lead the research, said, “Based on previous clinical data obtained from prescribing the existing erectile dysfunction treatment drugs for the Raynaud Syndrome, we expect it shall have a positive effect also from Zydena.” He went on to say, “Until now, there hasn't been any known effective medicine for treating the syndrome and for this reason, the effect of this clinical test, if proven, will bring good news to the patients.”

Zydena, which was developed fourthly in the world in 2005, has leaped as a blockbuster medication with its first year sales reaching 10 billion won. Its success in entering into overseas market is standing out among domestic new medications. Until now, it has signed export contracts in a total 42 countries, jumping up to be a global new medicine.

After launching its intial sales domestically, additional clinical tests and new product developments have been underway. In 2007, a clinical test was done on diabetic patients and hypertension patients taking anti-hypertension medication to prove effectiveness and safeness of Zydena. In 2010, “one pill of 50mg Zydena a day treatment,” a lower dosage of Zydena, was launched in domestic market, widening options for the patient choice.

Besides this, Zydena, which has effects such as dilating upper smooth muscle etc., is expanding its applications for other symptoms including prostatism, pulmonary artery hypertension, liver hematocele, cardiac failures, etc. In particular, as Zydena has the characteristics of taking routinely one pill per day, it is expected to have a competitive edge over other medications in treating chronic disease such as prostatism.