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Welcome to Doosan Information Center
Doosan Engineering & Construction has opened a public information center in order to introduce the concept of “We’ve green”
Welcome to Doosan Information Center
  • By matthew
  • August 13, 2010, 15:40
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In early May, Doosan Engineering & Construction unveiled a public information center to introduce a future environmental-friendly living space in celebration of its fiftieth anniversary.

The center is located at the Doosan Art Square located in Dogok-dong, Seoul, with the company expecting it to serve as an opportunity to get closer to its customers.

An official with Doosan E&C said the future housing aims at achieving energy savings of 80 percent until 2015 and 100 percent until 2020, and in turn supporting the government’s green growth policy and laying the foundation for sustainable environmental-friendly strategies. This concept is composed of three ideas; Eco Plus, Energy Plus and Human Plus, with these ideas then being realized by 50 environmental-friendly technologies.

Eco Plus involves designing to help housing minimize environmental pollution by combining environmental-friendly technologies and passive designs.

Energy Plus focuses on adapting environmental-friendly technologies for energy saving through the use of technology, such as high-efficiency machines, sunlight and so on. Human Plus aims to create a living space to help residents’ convenience by using environmental-friendly materials, IT and so on.

In particularly, We’ve Energy Management System (WEMS) provides energy usage information so as to remind residents to reduce energy consumption.

For example, the system provides average real-time energy usage for households living in similiar sized-units. It is also able to automatically intercept standby power in order to save energy.

Such functions are a significant improvement from previous systems which only provided simple services, such as telemetering or usage checks. Meanwhile, in the future, an automatic lights-out system, automatic control system and hybrid car recharge system will be adapted. The automatic light-out system aims to realize power savings through PIR (Pyroelectric Infrared Ray) sensors, while the automatic control system has been designed to automatically control temperature, humidity and lighting.

The hybrid car recharge system, which enables residents to recharge and manage the car at home, will be developed on expectations that more and more households will own a car in the near future.

Doosan Engineering & Construction announced plans to pre-sell units of its “Doosan We’ve” apartment complex near Seoksu subway station, Anyang-si City, which was created by rebuilding the previous Hanshin apartment complex in Seoksu-dong, Anyang-si, at the heart of Gyeonggi-do.

An official with Doosan E&C said that the complex boasts an excellent location traffic wise, as well as price competitiveness and educational and convenient facilities nearby.

The complex is accessible to the Seoul metropolitan area, with the Seoksu subway station of line number one, adjacent to the complex’s entrance.

Meanwhile, the complex has easy access to the 2nd Seoul-Incheon High Speed Railway, West Coast Expressway, Seoul Beltway and Seoul-Suwon Industrial Road. When the Gangnam Circular Expressway connecting Geumcheon to Seocho opens to traffic in 2014, the complex will offer better accessibility to the Gangnam area (Southern Seoul).

Also available are numerous conveniences, such as a Lotte Department Store (Anyang subway station), E-mart, Home Plus and Seoksu Sports Park. Various educational facilities are located nearby, including the Yeonhyun Elementary School, Yeonhyun Middle School and Geumcheon High School.

What makes the complex more attractive is that the River Anyang will be remade into Yeonhyun Ecological Park, offering residents a spectacular view of greenery from their very own balconies. In addition, the complex, facing Mt. Gwanak, is a topographically idealist place to live, as well.