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Building IT infrastructure for the UAE’s Nuclear Power Plant
Korea’s IT is recognized in the overseas construction of nuclear power plants
Building IT infrastructure for the UAE’s Nuclear Power Plant
  • By matthew
  • August 2, 2010, 17:06
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KEPCO KDN (CEO: Jun, Do-bong), specialize in Power IT as a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corporation, recently announced, that it had won an order to strengthen the IT infrastructure for the UAE’s nuclear power plant and that development of the system and commercialization in the UAE should be completed by the end of the year. At the same time, the company will expand the market by entering other countries than the UAE.

IT infrastructure is composed of a construction management system, a performance management and information sharing system, and the UAE’s ERP system.

As for the construction management system, data regarding fuel and materials management will help management and enable it to see the schedule and progress in one glance. As for the performance management and information-sharing system, process and construction costs will be correlated to enable performance management and help decision makers make decisions based on the systemic classification of all information.

As for the UAE’s ERP system, it is a system for purchasing, accounting, and materials management. This system will be operated in conjunction with the nuclear power plant construction management system, while the existing ERP system for the management of quality, materials and devices, and purchasing will be localized.

KEPCO KDN, since begin entering into overseas business in 2006, has exported power IT technologies to China, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tunisia, Philippines, Mexico, and Paraguay and is the only Korean company to have successfully achieved localization of power IT technologies in these countries.

Furthermore, KEPCO KDN moved and expanded “KEPCO KDN Green Valley,” its power IT manufacturing facility and exhibition site, to Anyang, Gyeonggi-do and expanded it.

Here, you can see the manufacturing process and finished products to be installed in Jeju’s Smart Grid Complex, such as FRTU (Feeder Remote Terminal Unit), electronic Watt-hour meters and other test R&D products. A spokesperson from the company said, “The facility, which has manufactured smart grids and automated power supply products in Seongsu-dong since 1993, has moved in order to act as a location to show people the manufacturing process. It is located near the KEPCO KDN’s Power IT Research Lab, making it more convenient to test the mass production of products.” The opening ceremony was attended by more than 100 government officials and business people.

KEPCO KDN is an IT expert that was established in 1992 and invested in by the Korea Electric Power Corporation. Its major areas of business include the construction of smart grids. It applies its IT expertise to all power systems in order improve power system efficiency. In 2008, it received the Best Award from the Minister of Knowledge Economy in the “2008 Korea IT Innovation” and in December 2008, it entered into a contract with the Ministry to develop technologies to commercialize green IT power. Meanwhile, in 2009, the company participated in national research tasks such as a smart power supply system and AMI system as well as joined the Korea Smart Grid Association. Furthermore, the company received the “Best Award” in Global Green Management as well as the 2009 Korea Excellent Worksite Award.