Monday, June 1, 2020
North Gyeongsang Provincial Government Demands Japan Stop Making False Claim to Dokdo Island
Tokyo Repeats Claim to Dokdo in Diplomatic Bluebook
North Gyeongsang Provincial Government Demands Japan Stop Making False Claim to Dokdo Island
  • By Jung Suk-yee
  • May 20, 2020, 10:46
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Members of the North Gyeongsang Provincial Council hold a commemorative event on Dokdo Day in October 2019.

The North Gyeongsang Provincial Government has demanded that the Japanese government immediately remove its inappropriate claim to Dokdo Island in the East Sea from Diplomatic Bluebook 2020, which was published on May 19.

“It is absurd and deplorable that the Japanese government claims Dokdo Island belongs to Japan,” said the provincial office in a statement on the latest edition of Japan’s foreign policy annual report. “We demand that the Japanese government immediately stop its prevocational act on Korea’s territory.”

“Dokdo is Korea's own territory clearly defined by history, geographical facts and international law,” the provincial government stressed. “Following the publication of distorted social studies textbooks for middle schools in March, the Japanese government again revealed its ambition on Dokdo in the bluebook. We cannot tolerate the Japanese government’s strategic move.”

“We urge the Japanese government to stop making an absurd claim to Dokdo and make sincere efforts to build trust in Korea-Japan relations through self-reflection and apologies for past historical crimes,” the provincial government added. “The North Gyeongsang Provincial Government, which governs the island, will never tolerate any provocations by Japan.”

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs repeated its claim of sovereignty over Dokdo in the 2020 edition of Diplomatic Bluebook, which is an official report summarizing the Japanese government's foreign policies and international affairs.