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Vanguard of Sustainable Social Contributions
Hyosung Corporation
Vanguard of Sustainable Social Contributions
  • By matthew
  • May 9, 2014, 09:23
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On April 18, Hyosung Industrial and Materials PG hosted a spring greeting event and played with handicapped children at Young Nak Aenea’s Home.
On April 18, Hyosung Industrial and Materials PG hosted a spring greeting event and played with handicapped children at Young Nak Aenea’s Home.


Hyosung Corporation is spearheading its social work via educational contributions such as “Junior Engineering Class” and “School Violence Prevention Education,” while consistently expanding community work carried out by employees participating in the “Hyosung Social Volunteer Team.”

Hyosung Industrial Materials Performance Group (PG) held a spring greeting event on April 18, with 40 handicapped children at Young Nak Aenea’s Home in Huam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, as part of its effort to commemorate “Day of People with Disabilities.”

Some 30 Hyosung employees at the event helped with children’s meals and, by coupling up with the kids, enjoyed playing various games such as “zigzag relay” and “stepping stones.”

Hyosung Industrial Materials PG has been visiting Young Nak Aenea’s Home every month since 2012, to serve meals and other social activities, and even gave a classical music performance last August.

The event this time gave some good old exercise time to the kids, who probably could not enjoy enough outdoor activities for a while due to their physical limitations and the cold winter.

Industrial Materials PG Vice President Cho Hyun-sang said, “Hyosung has rolled up its sleeves to solidify the grounds where the handicapped can dream about their future and explore their dreams. We will try to materialize the meaning of sustainable social contributions via Creating Social Eco-system (CSE), based on close cooperation among civilian communities, corporations, and the government. Our efforts will go beyond one-time contributions such as temporary monetary contribution.”

In this light, Hyosung is consistently expanding community activities with active participation by its employees.

Since the welcoming ceremony in May 2013 for the “Hyosung Social Volunteer Team,” consisting of the head office employees, the participants have been visiting four regional welfare establishments every month to help with handicapped kids on their field trips to mountains and wetlands.

Hyosung offers Junior Engineering Class so that elementary school students in the Changwon area can have fun while learning scientific principles.​Also, beginning in 2007, the company has been implementing a “matching grant” system, where an employee regularly contributes a desired amount, which gets matched up by the company, so that the funds can be used for various activities such as rice giveaways, parties for the elderly, heating bill aids, and coal sharing.

Moreover, the company is chipping in educational funds, and has been running classes such as “Junior Engineering Class” targeting elementary school children.

Some 150 students from Naedong Elementary School near the company’s Changwon factory attended the “Junior Engineering Class,” where scientific principles were explained in a fun way.

The class was offered as part of Hyosung’s educational contribution that the company has been proceeding with to nurture a future generation of engineers and scientists by encouraging interest in science.

The science education has been ongoing for the last decade via semi-annual classes, teaching over 2,000 students over the years.

In class, eight Hyosung Heavy Industries PG researchers became teachers, in helping the kids understand the scientific principles through hands-on experiments.

The class was a big hit since the students, after learning about the Flywheel Energy Storage System, could play with models and build metal detectors themselves.

Additionally, the company also launched school violence prevention education programs with 5,000 elementary school students from 50 schools in Gyeongnam, on top of a flurry of social activities including a book aid program for elementary, middle, and high schools in Changwon area and “reading golden bell” program to encourage book discussions among teachers, students, and parents. Other activities include aiding after-school programs in the neighborhoods near Hyosung factories and running hands-on engineering classes at the educational contribution exposition sponsored by the Ministry Of Education (MOE).