Monday, June 1, 2020
LG CNS Develops AI X-Ray Image Analysis Technology to Prevent Information Leaks
AI-based Information Leak Prevention System
LG CNS Develops AI X-Ray Image Analysis Technology to Prevent Information Leaks
  • By Michael Herh
  • May 13, 2020, 10:44
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A security guard looks at an AI-analyzed X-ray photo at LG Display Lab in LG Science Park.

LG CNS has developed artificial intelligence-based X-ray image analysis technology (tentative name: AI Security Specialist) that combines AI with X-ray equipment to block information leakage from companies and organizations.

The technology finds storage devices or electronic devices that contain leaked information by analyzing photos of bags and coats taken by X-ray equipment installed at building entrances.

LG CNS AI Security Specialist identifies all storage devices in bags and coats in 0.3 second. When AI finds a hidden storage medium, it identifies the storage device and the probability of its identification being correct. For instance, when “USB 99.0 percent” is displayed on the monitor, it means the probability of the hidden storage medium being a USB is 99.0 percent.

The technology also controls an X-ray screen belt when necessary.

In the past, security guards deployed at an entrance could make a mistake and need more time because X-ray photographs were visually checked. In the case of using new security guards, they needed to learn how to read X-ray photos.

LG CNS has made AI Security Specialist memorize more than 50,000 images of various storage devices to enhance its ability to recognize AI X-ray photos. As a result of the learning, it is able to recognize eight types of storage devices such as USB thumb drives, hard disks, memory cards, laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones, cameras and e-book readers, with a 99 percent accuracy.

AI Security Specialist can also recognize storage devices hidden in pocketbooks, pouches, or mixed with earphone lines, which are difficult to find with the human eyes, thus saving security personnel efforts and time.

AI Security Specialist can learn images of storage devices that pass through X-rays during operation. In the future, LG CNS will increase its reading accuracy to nearly 100 percent and expand the types of storage devices that can be checked.

LG CNS is using AI Security Specialist at research centers and factories where strict security is required. AI Security Specialist is working at LG Display's Magok Science Park Research Institute, Paju Plant and LG Chem's Seoul headquarters and Ochang Plant. In the first half of 2021, LG CNS AI X-ray image analysis technology will be applied at the Immigration Gate of Incheon International Airport.