Saturday, June 6, 2020
Average Age of Large Companies’ Executives is 53
96% of Executives Are Male
Average Age of Large Companies’ Executives is 53
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • April 8, 2020, 12:21
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The average age of executives at the Korea's top 30 market capitalization companies is 53, with 95.6 percent of them male.

JobKorea recently looked into last year’s business reports of the top 30 market cap companies and said on April 7 that the average age of their executives, 95.6 percent of whom are male, is 53 and 24.1 percent of the executives studied abroad.

Specifically, those in their 50s account for 75.7 percent of the executives, followed by 40s (18.6 percent), 60s and older (5.5 percent) and 30s (0.2 percent). Only nine are in their 30s and their companies are Samsung Electronics, Naver and SK Telecom.

A total of 27 companies made their executives’ academic careers public and 24.1 percent of them studied at foreign universities or graduate schools. For reference, the ratio for the previous year is 24.2 percent.

Slightly less than 11 percent of the executives studied at Seoul National University, followed by Korea University (7.4 percent), Yonsei (6.8 percent), KAIST (6.6 percent), Sungkyunkwan (4.6 percent), Hanyang (4.4 percent), Pusan National (3.6 percent) and Sogang (3 percent).