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Providing One-Stop Service to Partner SMEs for Global Competencies
Korea South-East Power
Providing One-Stop Service to Partner SMEs for Global Competencies
  • By matthew
  • April 30, 2014, 08:49
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SME Good Product exhibition at Jinju City.
SME Good Product exhibition at Jinju City.


Korea South-East Power (KOSEP) recently announced that it will create a management supporters group consisting of experts from various fields to offer free counseling and consultation to SMEs about managing their companies. 

On April 10, KOSEP held an opening ceremony for the organizing management supporters group. In attendance was Heo Yup, CEO of KOSEP, and about 50 other CEOs of SMEs and management experts such as lawyers, patent attorneys, accountants, and management consultants at the grand meeting room in the main office located in Jinju City, South Gyeongsang Province. Certificates of appointment were given to Professor Jeong Mok-yong of SNU’s Statistical Research Institute and other experts. 

CEO Heo Yup said, “For SMEs to be global, strengthening management competencies is crucial along with improving technological expertise.” He also said, “Management supporters and SMEs should work together by actively participating in the program.” He emphasized, “With this project, KOSEP is going to provide customized support to SMEs to turn them into small but strong companies with global competitiveness.”  

By operating a pool of experts, the supporters group will help SME partners to build an efficient management system fit for each company through one-point counseling and consultation services to address problems in their management, and will further contribute to strengthening their marketing competitiveness. 

The total 14 experts including Professor Jeong Mok-yong from SNU’s Statistical Research Institute have been appointed for supporting the management area. The consultation service comprises the topics of management, legal, finance, human resources, and quality control. 

KOSEP's opening ceremony for the new management supporters group.​The SMEs that are qualified to receive services from management supporters are subcontract enterprises that have a record of delivering products, maintenance, or R&D activities for KOSEP. The state-run power company will aggressively support these SMEs for their establishment of an advanced management infrastructure. By the end of this year, about 30 companies will be receiving this support. 

At the shared growth conference in March this year, KOSEP announced a long-term plan to develop 50 companies into globally-competent corporations by 2023, and locate and intensively nurture about 150 SMEs that have growth potential. Such efforts have been recognized by the government and received top marks in a performance evaluation of the shared growth management by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE), for two consecutive years from 2012. 

Along with management support and consulting, KOSEP promised to pave ways for SMEs to enter into bigger markets by supporting the SMEs’ overseas marketing. 

On the same day, KOSEP opened the “SME Good Product Exhibition” in the main office building of Jinju Innocity and announced that it will do its best to introduce good products of SMEs, promote them to overseas buyers, and support their entrance into the global market. 

About 100 people attended the opening ceremony, including CEO Heo Yup, executives and staff of the main office, and CEOs of subcontractor SMEs. 

CEO Heo Yup said, “To achieve the shared growth with SMEs, one purchase is more effective than a hundred words,” and “This is the second exhibition hall after the one in our Yeongheung power plant, so we need to actively attract buyers that participate in local exhibitions of power generation facilities and devices, and develop exhibition hall operations done together with the specialized export agencies (G-TOPS) to a role model for expanding overseas markets.” 

The 100m2 exhibition hall on the 1st floor lobby of the main office building is arranged to promote good-quality products made by subcontractor SMEs in the region. Local and overseas visitors can buy the products displayed there. The exhibition space is provided to SMEs for free. 

On the opening day, a total of 14 SME products were displayed in the exhibition hall, consisting of eight products in the machinery sector including Sung-Il Turbine’s high-temperature parts for gas turbines, and six products in the electric and control sectors including Duon System’s transmitter.