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Securing a Strategic Location
POSCO has begun building a processing center in Alabama in order to enhance its sales capabilities in the region
Securing a Strategic Location
  • By matthew
  • March 15, 2010, 15:50
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POSCO has recently added an additional strategic business spot. The company broke ground for its POSCO-AAPC, a 120,000-ton-per-year processing facility inside the Jefferson Metropolitan Industrial Complex in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, on January 28. The groundbreaking ceremony featured more than 100 VIP guests from the city government and related companies, including POSCO senior vice president Oh In-hwan, Birmingham Mayor William Bell and Birmingham Business Alliance's CEO Dalton Smith.

In his opening speech, Oh said, “We will do our best to maintain the best possible quality of our products through ceaseless efforts based on our accumulated technologies and know-how. I promise that we will grow together with the local community and all of you. The new project will contribute greatly to the local economy.”

Mayor Bell replied in his congratulatory remarks that the pleasure was his to have the steel company with over 40-years of history build the processing center in the city. “I appreciate POSCO helping Birmingham to become the industrial center for Southeastern America once again,” he said.

Through the new facility, the steelmaker plans to enhance its sales capabilities in the region, particulary regarding Japanese and European automakers based there, as well as other customers of electric plates. Birmingham is the industrial center of the Southeastern United States and an emerging hub for the global auto industry. It is also an important traffic center, with various railways and expressways crossing each other there.

Its superior infrastructure has resulted in an increasing number of automakers, including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen (and their parts suppliers) to set-up offices there. Once open, the processing center will lay a firm foundation for the company's North American business in association with POSCO Mexico CGL, POSCO Mexico's new Continuous Galvanizing Line plant. In addition to providing high quality auto and electric steel plates, POSCO-AAPC is expected to enhance the competitiveness of its business partners while simultaneously contributing to the growth of the local economy.

POSCO will also materialize plans to build new production facilities in India and Indonesia, while expanding some of its various processing centers in other overseas locations.

The company said it saved US$2,000 on the groundbreaking ceremony, which will be donated to Haiti earthquake victims under the names of its partners joining the ceremony.

In the meantime, POSCO became the first to be selected as a Davos Forum Global Top 100 Company, being recognized for its profitability as well as social responsibilities. Amongst the companies selected, POSCO ranked 93rd, and Samsung Electronics 91st. GE ranked 1st in this year's evaluation, with 43 companies from Europe, 21 from the U.S., and 13 companies from Asia included in the top 100 list.

Corporate Knights, a Canadian media corporation, has been announcing the global top 100 companies conducting sustainable management through the Davos Forum since 2005. Corporate Knights first selects 300 global companies out of 3,000 before evaluating each based ten categories, including energy use, efficiency, carbon emissions, amount of waste produced, and sustainable leadership.

In the evaluation, POSCO received good reviews for its environment-friendly product development and strict environmental pollutant management, as well as its proactive environmental facilities investment. In addition, the transparent corporate structure and corporate ethics, fair trade, win-win cooperation, green growth, and adherence to the sustainability report guidelines received positive reviews.

Meanwhile, POSCO was also selected as a 'Gold Class Corporation' for the second consecutive year at the global sustainability evaluation announced recently by SAM-DJSI, thus marking the five consecutive year it has been declared an outstanding company, the third consecutive year as a top ranking company in the steel sector, and the second consecutive year in the gold class.