Friday, June 5, 2020
LG Gram Laptop Honored as Best Product by U.S. Consumer Reports
Accolade from Consumer Reports
LG Gram Laptop Honored as Best Product by U.S. Consumer Reports
  • By 비지니스코리아
  • March 3, 2020, 13:01
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Consumer Reports has chosen LG Electronics' 13-inch notebook LG Gram 13 as the "Best Lightweight Laptop" of 2020.

Consumer Reports, a leading U.S. consumer magazine, has recently named the LG Gram 13, a 13-inch notebook launched by LG Electronics, the "Best Lightweight Laptop" of 2020.

The evaluation team praised the LG Gram 13, saying that the product weighs about 2.1 pounds (952 grams), which is lighter than any other notebook of the same size.

Evaluation team members also said that the laptop has twice as much storage space as their competitors. Consumer Reports’ assessment is highly credible as it was based on the results of experts’ thorough tests of dozens of laptops on the market and the results of a brand reliability and satisfaction survey among real users.

Earlier this year, Consumer Reports also named the LG Gram as one of the "Best Big Laptops" and the "Laptops with the Best Battery Life."

The magazine said it chose the LG Gram 17 as the best laptop as it has enough performance to handle the most demanding tasks like 4K video editing." The model features an Intel Core i7 processor, a 16 GB memory and a 512 GB solid state disk.

In the case of the LG Gram 13, it can run for 16.25 hours of web surfing and 11 hours of continuous video playback so it was chosen as the laptop with the best battery. Consumer Reports selected the LG Gram as the top product in major categories such as batteries and displays in 2019.